Well it looks like our last post on Jenny Trout bashing Anna Todd hasn’t gone unnoticed by the jealous author and her bully friends.  Yesterday, they took to Twitter in a frenzy.  Jenny even thanked us.


Aw, wasn’t that sweet of her?

You don’t have to thank us, Jenny.  We were happy to do it.  You know, it says a lot that a young woman of 25 years is conducting herself in a much more mature manner than you are.  We’re not surprised she’s so successful.  Hey, here’s an idea!  Maybe once you grow up, you’ll be able to follow in her footsteps and be successful, too!


In the meantime, everyone, we get to enjoy her self-glorifying conversations with her fellow Twitter bully buddies:



This one reminded us of some of the comments on Jenny’s Anna-bashing blog rant:


And we absolutely loved the irony of this one written by Rick Gualtieri, the king of idiotic bullshit:


You’ll all remember Rick as the indie author who defended reviewers who threatened Lauren Pippa.  We came across Rick when we discovered he was a member of Angela Horn’s Asshat group back before her group was dissolved and she was banned from Goodreads.  Rick’s a real joy to be around if you’re a member of the low class troll population, aka the GR exiles and the BookLikes Bullies.  Otherwise, we recommend steering clear of him.

So, you see that, folks?  Ad hominem attacks, insults, jokes… this is about what we expected from them because it’s the kind of thing that the bullies do whenever they are called out on their behavior.  Instead of realizing their mistakes and apologizing, or even responding with a well-placed and reasonably sound counter argument that would reflect some sort of intellectual sophistication, they resort to what they do best — self-projected gibes and failed mockery.


Ah well, as one of our new blog readers always says, haters gonna hate.

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