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He Was Bullied in School, So He Wrote a Song About It That Blew Everyone Away.

The moral?  Don’t let bullies stop you.  Keep making great art!


STGRB has started a new series called Bullies As Authors.  Whenever we learn of a bully who is exposed as a closet author, or an author who is exposed as being a bully, we will put this author on our list.  We decided to start this series because of the many comments and emails we received over the whole Jane Litte/Jen Frederick fiasco.  More and more people are starting to see that so many of the bullies who claim to be “reviewers protecting other reviewers from BBAs” are in fact, authors themselves, like Jane, and Angela Horn, and Linda Hilton, etc.  Hence our series.  We believe this will be an indispensable guide to our readers, to help them avoid not just the bully reviewers out there, but also the bully authors who they may find in their author circles someday.

Our latest Bully As Author is HJ Leonard, whose books are currently listed on Wattpad:


An example of HJ’s bullying can be seen in the post, HJ’s Bully Review, where she slams author Jamie McGuire for something Jamie never did.  For more information on that story, see Beautiful Blunder, Dear Author Strikes Again.

PG’s Post on Jane/Jen

One last post we’d like to share with you (besides AA’s) regarding Jane as Jen, is the guest post PG published on his blog this past week.  The author of this article makes two excellent points, again points that we missed in our original article, and we’d like to share them with our readers.



We’d have to say that one big mistake this author is making is that she assumes Jane had good intentions and didn’t mean to do any harm.  We’ve seen enough of Jane’s behavior to know better (see Why Jane Litte Was Banned from RWA, JS Cooper vs. Jane Litte, Beautiful Blunder, Dear Author Strikes Again, Jane Litte Defends Violent Readers, and Twitter Attack on Nathan Bransford).

But, to each her own.

For anyone who hasn’t read it yet, we wanted to share this post on Jane/Jen by Angry Author.  AA’s sentiments on this whole fiasco are shared by many of our readers and they are points we overlooked in our original article on Jane as Jen.


Thank you, AA, for your blog!

Carpet Bomber #15, L

We’ve been tipped off about another sock account on GR whose sole purpose is to be used for carpet bombing.  We encourage all of our readers to report this account to GR management.


Anne Rice talks about her life, her writing, and Prince Lestat in an interview with Q on CBC.  If you scroll to the 12:50 position of the interview, you will hear her thoughts on the Amazon bullies.

Well said, Anne!

Note: for all the bullies reading this and watching the video, pay close attention to where she says she ISN’T against honest reviewing.  But of course we all know you will willfully ignore this and continue to tell people that she is against negative reviews, which is a complete lie.

As a warning for all: if you are someone with special needs, or suffer from any kind of medical, mental, or psychological disorder (i.e. dyslexia, any learning disabilities, etc.), then please keep off the Amazon fora (edit: in particular, the Meet Our Authors and Top Reviewers forums).  You will be antagonized for it.



Well, well, well.  Wouldn’t you just know it.  The Godmother of the bullies, well-known for being much too free with her tongue and libeling authors and publishers alike on her blog, in fact libeling them to the point of pushing them into lawsuits against her, Jane Litte, or in real life known as Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe:


has yet another pen name, as she reveals in her latest DA post, A Letter to the DA Readership:



We know that many of you, as you read the words above, will hear, “Bullshit, bullshit,” going through your mind and you are exactly right to think it.  Jane’s explanation is in a word, hogwash.  First, the reason she is revealing this information is because Jaid Black, whom Jane doxxed on her blog:


was going to go public with this information anyway, so Jane had to have the first jump and give everyone a bullshit explanation for her despicable actions.  Second, Jane wrote under a pen name for one obvious reason, because she feared retaliation from enemies: enemies she’s made from libeling people and enemies she made during #RomFail (See Why Jane Little Was Banned From RWA, in fact, just read our whole collection on Jane here.  You can read about how she defended violent readers and then attacked Nathan Bransford on Twitter and a lot more!)  Finally, Jane has been using her blog to deceitfully promote her own work WITHOUT telling readers that she was the author or one of the authors.  Notice where she says:

I wanted any success I had with the fiction to be built on the merits of the work, not on the blogging platform. I had a couple of awkward moments where I had to keep one of my books from being reviewed on Dear Author, but somehow I managed to keep them completely separate.

This is a blatant lie and it’s easily provable.  For example, here, on a blog post written by her, she promotes her book, Unspoken:


And here, her blog is promoting her book, Last Hit:


And again, here, her blog is promoting another one of her books, The Charlotte Chronicles:


We’d say we’re surprised, but for someone like Jane, we’re really not.  She’s vicious and capable of resorting to anything to put forward her own interests.

Okay, so, for all the bullies out there who are celebrating Jane’s big reveal, you are probably unaware of the implications of it.  Please, read on.  We’ll enlighten you.  In fact, one of our blog readers will enlighten you.  In recent emails, this blog reader said:

I find this shocking and not surprising.  I wonder how many of the Amazon Bullies are in fact authors… who basically use their bully persona to pile on other authors. There we have malicious gossips essentially hiding the fact that they are authors as they pile on other authors from behind their pseudonyms, pretending to be “readers” protecting “readers” from authors. Can you imagine if a major author took a job reviewing books and lecturing authors for the New York Times under a pseudonym? And suddenly you discovered that Columnist X who reviewed books all the time snidely and nastily was in fact a major author hiding behind that pseudonym? When professional book reviewers write books, the books are non fiction generally and are under their real names, the names they use as “critics.” But imagine discovering that a major author was behind constant criticism of authors… The point is…. this is major. A major bully entity who is in fact an author! And the question is how many others are authors? I think STGRB has already outed some on Goodreads. But I hope the significance is played up. These bullies have, in my estimation, put themselves forward as “readers” and “non professionals” and bragged that “authors are paid but we’re not!” as they justify their malice and pettiness and dirty tricks and constant high toned attacks. And now we find out they are actually authors selling a competing product!!!! Authors pretending to be high toned amateur critics trying to protect the public from authors’ bad behavior. How bad can some one’s behavior get? It makes the entire bully bible a lie —- the entire “argument” that this is a war of readers against authors. It calls into question everything. It should be enough to discredit the bully culture and the bully cliques forever. So now we see what is really happening: a clique of lying, cheating authors has been behind this war against honest authors all along. Now we see the desperation to maintain pseudonyms on Amazon! They can’t keep peddling their lies without those pseudonyms! I say it’s time to ask outright: which of you is an author!!! Come clean now!! Enough of the lies and the dirty tricks.

AND NOW WE KNOW this is all a lie. They were authors all along, many of them. Willing to malign “authors” as they hide behind pseudonyms. That this woman would continue with her blog, given that she is an author and a successful one and promote her own work… makes her despicable. After all it is “promotion” by authors that so angers this “reader bully” population. And she has done it for her own book!!!! I think the question has to be asked now of everyone of these people: What is your real name and are you an author?

I think these people must be exposed for  what they’ve done:

1) Essentially try to convince the public that they are vigilant readers, generous with their time and love of books, who are trying to save other readers from “badly behaved authors.”

2)Try to convince the public that authors are irresponsible and childish and need to be policed by “readers.”

3) That there is war on between these “readers” and bad authors.

The headline here is “The bullies have been lying for years. They are actually authors punching down from behind pseudonyms against fellow authors! The whole idea of the vigilant reader asserting her rights is a sham!”

So all the foolishness about “big bad authors” who might hurt reviewers is a lie. They’re authors!!!!!! All the foolishness about reviewers needing pseudonyms to protect them from authors is a lie. They’re authors! In ruthlessly policing what they call “badly behaved authors,” accusing them of fake five star reviews and self promotion, they have lied, lied, lied, about the fact that they themselves are authors! And this Jane person has actually discussed her own work! The entire bully credo is a lie!

Thank you for your words.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The Angry Author

For some comedy relief from the never-ending shenanigans of the bullies, we highly recommend checking out a new site called The Angry Author: because someone had to do it.  The pointing commentary from an author of biting humor and sharp wit will certainly give you a reason to smile.  Here are a few of our favorites.

First, AA’s review of Fionna Free Man’s book:


Then, AA’s thoughts on the “Blogger Blackout”:


AA’s message to Blythe Harris and all the hatemongers:


And finally, AA on the recent Jenny Trout train wreck:



Whoever you are AA, keep it up!  Your blog says it well.

You all remember our post The Many Faces of Anna Karenina, right?  Well now, we have one more face to show you.  She is also Sock Puppet at Play on BookLikes.

You may find these two posts by SPAP on BL and AK in the Amazon fora very interesting.






Is it a coincidence that these two posts are talking about the exact same thing and using the exact same wording?  We think not.

So, beware next time you’re on BL.  Sock Puppet at Play is AK.

We’d like to report that Jenny Trout and her band of miscreants were successful in their attempt to get Fionna Free Man’s book (a fictional story about Thomas Jefferson’s Mistress) pulled from Amazon:

For proof, here’s a comment from Jenny’s blog:


If you go back and read why Jenny started this take-down campaign against this author’s book, you’ll see it was because she was just appalled at the “rape” in it and how “racist” the book was that it demeaned a WoC (woman of color.)

Now, why are we telling you this?  Because Jenny completely got it wrong about both the author and the book.  Not only is the author a WoC and a black rights activist, her book has NO rape in it!  None!

Really, there is so much stupid in this Jenny Trout story, we’re not sure where to begin.  I guess we’ll start with Jenny’s tweets on the subject.  Here, she asks how she was supposed to know the author was a PoC (Person of Color):


Well, Jenny, if you’d taken the time to do your research on the author and her book, just like our blog reader did, you’d have known.  It isn’t rocket science.

Furthermore, in this tweet, Jenny tells someone that she is known for taking down authors whom she judges to be unworthy (and we all know how good her judgement and efforts to inform herself are):


Now, because of all this nonsense, we have idiots like this re-blogging a post that is misinformed and that gets the facts wrong on all levels:


First of all, Jenny was wrong about the author and her book because she didn’t do her research.  Secondly, Anne Rice didn’t tell any of her fans to complain to Jenny’s publisher.  All she did was share our post, Jenny Trout Sabotages Another Author’s Book, Encourages Fans to Pirate it.



So, Anne had nothing to do with Jenny’s publisher deciding to dump her.  The problem started when one of the authors on the project was uncomfortable having her story published alongside Jenny’s, which she clearly states on her blog:


Now, at the very end of Idiot’s re-blog, it says:

This is a really hostile environment for WoC …

And we’d have to agree with that, but not on the part of the “racist fuckheads”.  It is on the part of Jenny and her band of bullies.  Unwittingly, while trying to exercise her self-granted power of author take-downs and punish a “racist” and her book, she did irreparable damage to a WoC and made herself look like a fool in the process.

Good job, Jenny.

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