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He Was Bullied in School, So He Wrote a Song About It That Blew Everyone Away.

The moral?  Don’t let bullies stop you.  Keep making great art!


We are happy to announce that Goodreads has recently gotten a little bit safer for it’s authors and readers.  Notorious bully, Jennifer:

Is no longer there.  Why?  Because GR removed the “not interested” button on sponsored books (Dammit!) *sarcasm*



Hmm… *scratches chin*

Well, perhaps for Jennifer that was just the last straw in a whole list of policy changes that GR has made this past year, many of which appear to be taking more and more power away from the bullies.  More info on this to come in our next post!

This just in.  Another GR carpet-bomber named Lucybee has been found and by the looks of it, is a sock account created by a bully to one-star books:



We encourage all our readers to report this account to GR.

We received an email today about this book pirating website.  Several authors told us they were able to remove their books successfully without anything affecting their computers.  Others, who tried to download free books to test the site told us that this is a phishing website.  Therefore we have removed the link.  We want everyone to be aware that there are many sites like these on the internet and to be extremely careful when you find one.

Our original post is below.


Authors beware!  Unfortunately, with the huge success of indie-publishing comes websites like this that spring up and pirate authors’ books.  Books Online is one of them:

BookOnlineBut don’t fret!  It is easy to have your book removed.  Just do a search for your book’s title and click it when it appears.  In the top right, there is a black flag that you can click to remove your book.  When finished, it will be removed instantly.

Thank you, Anon, for the tip on this site.  If any of our readers find sites similar to this one, please contact us and let us know.

Well, this is definitely a big win for STGRB and everyone who supports our blog!  This was published last week, and it looks as though Amazon is going after sites that sell phony Amazon reviews:


Bravo, Amazon!  You are finally doing the right thing.

Not only that, you all remember that bully review TheBunny posted saying an author should be shot?  Ya know, just after she said that STGRB was about “stopping bad reviews?”


Well, that review was reported to Amazon and Amazon promptly removed it.  If you click the link, it is no longer there, and we received this screenshot verifying that she didn’t remove it herself:


Isn’t it interesting how she shows no remorse for saying that someone should be killed?  That’s very telling.

Anyhow, kudos to Amazon for doing the right thing.  We sincerely hope this trend continues.

We find it so ironic when the bullies make claims that STGRB is about “stopping bad reviews.”


And then we see them write bully reviews like this:


Yes, this is a new bully who has appeared on our radar.  He or she calls his or herself “TheBunny.”  He/she joined the TRF under the guise of trying to “investigate the bullying,” and of course he/she determined that there was none.

Looks like “TheBunny” will fit right in with the rest of the bullies.

We just received this screenshot from a blog reader.  It’s a Goodreads review of an author Ginmar has been tormenting recently.  This is the kind of review that is absolutely unacceptable and should be flagged and reported to Goodreads management.


Ginmar is a notorious bully who frequents Goodreads, Amazon, and many other cyber hangouts.  She has been trolling and tormenting others on the internet for over 12 years.  Should any of our readers have any cause to bring legal action against her for her abuse, please contact us via our email or Contact Us page.  We can help you identify and locate her for purposes of serving papers.


An Addendum

Here is a screenshot of the people who liked Ginmar’s review, many of whom we recognize.  You may want to keep a sharp eye out for these GR members, too.


This saddens us more than any other news we get on our site.  When we see bullying online to this degree, it reminds us that bullying cannot be ignored.  This mentality of “ignore the bully and he will go away.”  Sorry, it just doesn’t work.


Gaming the System

We were given this screenshot today of an Amazon customer who gets offended when authors write series.  So instead of waiting until a series is written and finished before starting it, guess what this person does?  Buys the book, reads it, and returns it for a refund.  Oh, and after a year, when Amazon has disabled the account’s refund option, this person just opens a new account.  This is typical bully mentality.  Their solution when they become unhappy is to steal books from authors.  We urge our readers that whenever they see something like this, to report it to Amazon asap.


Today, we are publishing a guest post given to us by an anonymous blog reader who has done quite a bit of research into Jane Litte and her true motives for libeling Ellora’s Cave.  What we find striking about the information presented below is how much money Jane was making as a lawyer, as the owner of DA, and as an author, and yet she still had the audacity to ask for money for the lawsuit.  The information below also proves another point that one of our blog readers put so well:

Honestly, I think the focus should be on the fact that the lawsuit was not an attempt to silence a “small blogger” but something that was building towards for the last ten years, while JL was trashing EC and other publishers, she was also promoting her own work and publisher. Instead of building her own readership/business, she was stealing it in a sense from EC primarily, but other publishers as well. A little research and SS of DA blog posts aimed at other publishing houses, will reveal just how she manipulated her position on DA, to scandalize EC.

It seemed to be a pattern for her. I think that can be proved. I bet no one really put 2 and 2 together, because she kept her author persona, hidden. Why? Because she knew exactly what she was doing, stealing from EC’s success, which unfortunately worked and did cause a drop in sales for them.

It’s mind boggling. All these poor readers who refused to buy EC books because she dished all their “dirty laundry” which was really not very dirty, but DA MADE it appear that way.

These readers of DA, who blindly believed her half-ass articles and gave to her lawsuit fund, when she had several different sources of income rolling in and making 3 times as much as the average reader of her blog.

That’s the real issue, as well as the fact this suit was a very long time coming. People need to decide for themselves who is in the wrong here. Who is most desperate to make money? Remember, EC IS a multi-million dollar company, and that was no secret.

What really irks me is that she suckered her readers and took full advantage of people who genuinely cared about what she had to report and about her, the poor little blogger who was getting bullied by a big corporation–yeah right!

After the following guest post, we will show you evidence that Jane’s husband was the owner of her publishing company, a company in direct competition with Ellora’s Cave.  And we will show you screenshots of Jane trying to cover this up.


More Jane Litte/Jen Frederick/ Jennifer Gerrish Lampe hypocrisy.

On December 30, 2014 Jane made the following blog post:

Dec 30, 2014:

Books have long been my refuge from the crazy, ugly real… Jane Essays 60 Comments

“It was also a year in which women were under attack. From being referred to as “binders full of women” to the horrific display of misogyny toward female gamers and gaming developers, the online community seemed especially vile. And it spilled over into the book community with regular ad hominem attacks being lobbed at readers for their reading choices, which had little to do with the books themselves for many times the critics hadn’t even read the books in question. Instead the ad hominem attacks had more to do with the fact that the online discussion wasn’t about the books they felt were stronger, better, worthier than these lesser ones being elevated and praised. Or it was authors who felt that readers didn’t appreciate or understand their work OR worse, assumed that the reader who didn’t like their work had a secret, evil agenda to bring that author down.”

I know she said this to convince those who are all about feminism and the first amendment and all that is sacred, blah blah blah…

But then here is information about her attorney:

Read in his own words why Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut is not defamation. Read the comments. A true feminist would find this intolerable.

“Not everyone agrees that criminalizing revenge porn is the best strategy. Marc Randazza, a Nevada lawyer who represents plaintiffs against yougotposted, says that he thinks civil remedies are preferable.

“As horrible as I think people are who do this,” he said, “do we really need another law to put more people in jail in the United States?””

Now we all know that Revenge Porn is mostly aimed at women. It shouldn’t be criminal? Probably because then the state would pay to prosecute and that isn’t how Randazza makes his money.

And check this one out:

Mad Men: Inside the Men’s Rights Movement—and the Army of Misogynists and Trolls It Spawned

How did an ex-feminist once hailed by Gloria Steinem become a hero of the haters?

—By Mariah Blake

January/February 2015 Issue

“An opinion piece on by Marc Randazza, a First Amendment lawyer who has spoken up for Rush Limbaugh, violent video games, and the pornography industry, suggested that A Voice for Men had endured protests and threats simply because it had the “audacity to question certain issues from a man’s perspective.””

I read the article on cnn (there is a link). He does make a decent argument, after all, he’s an attorney. But it is out of context in a feminist sense. While he makes a believable and legitimate argument, for anyone who has suffered from domestic violence or rape, it really doesn’t matter what the trigger was. This guy knocked her out and is an NFL player for shit sake. But decide for yourself.

I just don’t personally feel that a feminist who is so sad about all the misogyny would hire this guy. Except to both of them the ends justifies the means. Jane made that obvious during her recent “coming -out -earlier -than –expected – but -you -should -praise -me -for -being -soooo -successful – even- if- I –did- lie- and -cheat -to –get- there”-blog post. I don’t think it would have come out until she was absolutely sure the repercussions could never hurt her financially. But regardless she need not refer to herself as a feminist. I’m not saying he is a bad attorney – actually he is a very good and expensive attorney. But a true feminist just wouldn’t hire him. It is hypocritical.

Jane does NOT just publish NA. It is erotic romance and so IS a direct competitor of Ellora’s Cave:

This link came from Jen Frederick blog tour website – I just tried it, but it seems to be gone all of a sudden or maybe it is my computer. I forget which book they took this from:

“But you have so much cum. Sometimes I can’t swallow it all. Sometimes it spills out the side of my mouth and dribbles onto my chin.”

“I get wet thinking about you,” she whispers. Her legs shift restlessly under me. I know what she wants. She wants my tongue. My fingers. My cock. And she’ll have it all.

I’m too horny right now to lick her slowly. I need to feel her orgasm all over my face, to have her thighs clench my head in a vise grip, like nothing is ever going to separate the two of us.

I’m going to come all over her belly if I don’t get a handle on things. And while I seriously enjoy seeing her warm skin dotted with streaks of my milky cum, I want to be inside her and feel her pussy walls convulse around me.”

That is NOT mainstream NA.

In November 2007, Jane wrote a four part series on about defamation. It reads to me as a warning to anyone that she knows exactly what she can do not to step over the fine line from opinion to defamation and she need only do the minimum and then play innocent. Again, that is my opinion. You can find it on Dear Author keyword search “defamation”.

Jane and Sarah Wendell are partners in the LLC To Be Read, which is registered in New Jersey. Sarah is far from the “innocent friend”. Numerous people have said that Sarah Wendell was not in business with Jane/Jen the same time she was a publicist for authors. That is not true. According to SBTB Sarah says she stopped in 2012. The podcast LLC, To Be Read was filed in 2010 and both Sarah and Jane are owners of the LLC. The paperwork is here: State of NJ, Department of Treasury – Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

This is where you can look it up.

There is a small charge if you look it up, so I included it.

Again, that is public record:

Jennifer S Gerrish-lampeDeputy Workers Comp Comm
Jennifer S Gerrish-lampe is a Deputy Workers Comp Comm with the Workforce Development in Polk county. Gerrish-lampe has a salary of $112,067, which is 130% more than the average for all Workforce Development employees as of 2012.

So her salary (in 2012) is $112,067 as a commissioner for Worker’s Comp in Iowa. According to her counter complaint in Federal Court, she makes a minimum of $75,000 from the Dear Author Blog. She didn’t state what she makes from the podcast, but she is also a bestselling author and says she has a movie deal.

None of that was disclosed when Sarah took up the charity at her request.

Jane actually doxxed herself as Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe way back in 2007 and then took it down. But it was up there long enough and at the time there was a battle with Computer Colonics a blog by Cindy Cruciger. I can’t find earlier than 2011 on there now, but the following gives reference to it.

A little Jane Litte trivia: One of the partners at the personal injury/malpractice firm she worked at – well, his first name is, you guessed it – Frederick. Again – on the internet:

The James Law Firm, P.C. Equitable BldgSuite 630604 LocustDes Moines, IA, 50309 -3719
Phones: (515) 246-8484
Fax: (515) 246-8767
Contact Us
Law Firm Overview
Practice Areas
Personal Injury — PlaintiffsProducts Liability LawProfessional Malpractice Law
Gerrish-Lampe, Jennifer S. (Partner) James, Dwight W. (Shareholder) James, Frederick W.

Very Interesting….

Jane said that Ellora’s Cave made less in 2010 than in 2006.

“Yet something strange happened. Growth stagnated. In 2010, it was revealed that EC’s revenues were $5 million but a reported $6.7 million in 2006. How on earth was a digital publisher’s income declining in the biggest boom period of digital books? (This was before self publishing took off).”

The article was written in Feb 2010, so, unless the woman is a psychic, she would have no way of knowing what the income was in 2010 and EC is not a digital only publisher.

In 2006, Borders was in full swing with erotic romance. In the meantime, Engler boasts of her Rodeo Drive shopping trips and her new property purchase in West Hollywood on her Facebook page.

Where? I can find on her facebook where she said she was on Rodeo Drive. That in no way indicated she was on a single “high end shopping spree” let alone more than one.

Tina did not purchase any property in West Hollywood or anywhere in California. Since real estate purchases are public record, that would have been very easy for her to NOT FIND. Tina said she got the house she wanted. In Los Angeles rental property is hard to find because IT IS CHEAPER TO RENT IN LOS ANGELES THAN IT IS TO BUY!!!!

Partial work that is completed should be sent in to be finished by an in house editor and no partial work will be paid for.
Failure to turn in either partial work or finished work will result in a 25% deduction of overall payment for that project.

This is just plain stupid. If no partial work is being paid for and if work isn’t turned in at all, of course it isn’t paid for. How can you take 25% of nothing???

A report from Ohio business record places Ellora’s Cave revenues at $15 million last year. So why is it that tax liens go unpaid as well as the salaries or royalties of creative individuals? It is unknown but it sounds like the money is being mismanaged at best and improperly diverted at worst.

This is absolutely a lie. Since Jane’s article was written in 2014, this refers to 2013. This is another case of Jane taking something out of context from an article that was written in the same year she is saying EC made the money.

Note: This article was released in August 2013, which means the interview probably took place in June or July. This time she didn’t even put in the link she was referring to because she knew damn well it was a lie and didn’t want anyone finding it.

Ellora’s Cave is supposed to pay monthly but even after this email went out, several authors report still not receiving their royalty payments or receiving lower than normal royalty payments. Purportedly Ellora’s Cave is hoping that the signing of celebrity authors like Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom and the James Deen sex tape is going to save their ship.

Truth – Ellora’s Cave contracts do not say that they are supposed to pay monthly. Marks made no bones about talking about the declining sales and thus declining royalties in a private business loop post. If sales are declining, royalty payments go down. And, in 2013 Farrah Abraham posted on Twitter or somewhere that she wanted to write an erotic romance. Ellora’s Cave contacted her and she agreed. So what. Don’t publishers do that kind of thing?

In a previous blog post, when she was discussing some issue with rights reversions with Samhain Publishing. While it was about Samhain, she had to throw in EC as worse.

Samhain doesn’t have money problems. From all accounts, the company is still flush but experiencing some downturn in sales. No, the complaints about Samhain have to do with author contacts and contract terms. These more restrictive terms seem inspired to keep more rights within the company.

Did Jane even look in to this? Public record:


This may mean nothing, but if there are no money problem, why was everything (and it appears to be even the author contracts) put up for collateral for a loan which was received just one month after Jane made this statement?

Samhain downturn in sales is just downturn in sales. Ellora’s Cave’s downturn in sales means they must be lying to their authors.  Years back when Angela James was still with Samhain, Jane, Sarah and Angela shared rooms at RT, I believe. I forget whose blog that was on.

What does Ellora’s Cave have to gain by being (not so good apparently because Jane has it all figured out) underhanded? Think about it. Certainly not Ellora’s Cave or the employees of Ellora’s Cave. Who really has to gain if Ellora’s Cave goes down?

Well, if Ellora’s Cave goes down, there are thousands of already edited books that could go straight to KDP or other publishers.
Speaking of other publishers. Berkley has all but the first eight or so Breed Series books by the #1 NYT Bestselling author Lora Leigh. I wouldn’t doubt they would like to have the rest. NYT Bestselling author Joanna Wylde’s hugely selling Reaper motorcycle series, Ellora’s Cave published the first one of those titles? And it wouldn’t be unlikely that Cindy Hwang would go heavy after Laurann Dohner’s NYT bestselling New Species series. These titles have definite monetary value to any publisher, not just Ellora’s Cave. Also, Jane/Jen has been in the proverbial bed with Cindy Hwang for years. If you keyword search the blog posts, you just look at how many times Cindy Hwang and Berkley are mentioned. Penguin has been sponsoring her and Sarah Wendell’s podcast for years (Berkley, Intermix, Signet and so on – they are all connected). Cindy Hwang let Jane be an editor for that Agony and Ecstasy anthology that was not extremely successful (being kind). In, Tina commented in the comments section:

I am no longer under contract with Berkley. (No dramatic parting of ways; just one of those things where I got a better deal elsewhere.) My loyalties lie with EC & Pocketbooks so this is where I choose to write.

Could this have ticked someone off? After all, from 2005 on Penguin (Berkley, Signet, Random House, whoever) has been going hot and heavy after successful Ellora’s Cave authors. Not to blame Berkley – that’s business. Could Jane have been avenging her benefactor or could there be monetary reward (editor gig, sponsorships, book contract) for Jane scaring authors away by trashing Ellora’s Cave (and a couple of others) and trying to help squash the competition? After all, some of Ellora’s Cave discovered authors have brought millions in revenues to Berkley/Random House. Just a thought, but money can be a motivator.


Jane, as Jen Frederick, was published by Pear Tree LLC., a publishing company owned by her husband, and thus by her, and a publishing company that is in direct competition with Ellora’s Cave:



Below, you will see how Jane tried to cover up the fact that her books were published by Pear Tree LLC by changing the publisher on her book pages to her pen name:



As far as we’re concerned, covering your tracks like that is an admission of guilt.  She has been deceiving people for years and now all of this information is coming to light.  What a tangled web indeed!

STGRB has started a new series called Bullies As Authors.  Whenever we learn of a bully who is exposed as a closet author, or an author who is exposed as being a bully, we will put this author on our list.  We decided to start this series because of the many comments and emails we received over the whole Jane Litte/Jen Frederick fiasco.  More and more people are starting to see that so many of the bullies who claim to be “reviewers protecting other reviewers from BBAs” are in fact, authors themselves, like Jane, and Angela Horn, and Linda Hilton, etc.  Hence our series.  We believe this will be an indispensable guide to our readers, to help them avoid not just the bully reviewers out there, but also the bully authors who they may find in their author circles someday.

Our latest Bully As Author is HJ Leonard, whose books are currently listed on Wattpad:


An example of HJ’s bullying can be seen in the post, HJ’s Bully Review, where she slams author Jamie McGuire for something Jamie never did.  For more information on that story, see Beautiful Blunder, Dear Author Strikes Again.

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