Well, it looks like Angela finally got the boot.  We just received this message from one of our blog readers:

It looks like Angela has been kicked off Goodreads. Her author profile is still up, but her friend list, shelves and blog are gone. And the Indie Angie group is without a moderator.
And if this comment by Coaxial refers to her, then it wasn’t voluntary: http://www.goodreads.com/user_ status/show/31312138

It’s true.  If you visit her author profile page, she’s gone and it says on the bottom:


As for how CoxialCreatureAllHailGrimlock feels about it:


We had a feeling this would happen as Angela’s behavior was becoming increasingly volatile.  So now, both authors and readers can feel a little bit safer on the site.  Well done, GR.  We hope this trend of troll-purging continues.

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