We wanted to point out a couple of recent comments left by blog readers who made a very good point about Jenny Trout’s criticism of Anna Todd’s book.  Her criticism of the condition of Anna’s manuscript, it seems, was done in ignorance since many people don’t understand how Wattpad works.  The March Hare said:

By attacking the grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. of Anna’s manuscript, Jenny and her friends are really making themselves look foolish. Has anyone here ever used Wattpad? I would describe it as a “creative writing website”. It’s a website where you write your story in rough draft, let me say that again, ROUGH DRAFT, and publish it for your friends to read and critique. Because Anna acquired millions of followers and reads, publishers took note and that’s how she was picked up by Simon & Schuster. People need to do their research about Wattpad and how it works before they start criticizing someone for the condition of their manuscript. Not only are these people mean and jealous, they’re ignorant and that’s a really bad combination.

David said:

I wonder if Jenny is even aware that Wattpad is a place where you post your FIRST DRAFTS.

Yes, your FIRST DRAFTS. Your UNEDITED manuscript.

She’s reading it like it’s a completely edited, published novel, which isn’t what actually happens on Wattpad. WP is for first-draft beta reading.

And they’re right.  If you go to Wattpad and sign up, there is a button at the top of your profile that says:


If you click on it, you’re taken to this page:


It is literally a “type and publish as you go” website, so if there are books on Wattpad that appear to need editing, that’s why.  To criticize a popular book on Wattpad for not being “perfect” is like criticizing the appearance of a diamond right after it’s been mined, before it’s even been cut.  The criticism is just out of place and inappropriate.  Now, once Anna’s book is cut, polished, and published by Simon & Schuster, then Trout and her cronies can have at it, but in the meantime, they should probably keep their silence.

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