Note: beware of BookLikes, Wattpad, the Amazon fora and Absolute Write. These are also popular bully hangouts.

A GR bully is any member of Goodreads who engages in bullying behaviour.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Harassing

2. Humiliating

3. Insulting

4. Gossiping

5. Name calling

6. Teaming up on

7. Verbally attacking

8. Sending friends after

9. Writing a bully review

10. Spreading false rumours

11. Attempting to destroy reputations with lies

12. Trashing an author’s book just to get revenge

We do not consider honest, critical reviews of books to be bullying.  However, we do consider attacks on authors and other GR members to be bullying.  We also consider attacking an author’s book for revenge and/or rating and reviewing an author’s book without reading it first to be bullying behavior as well.