We are readers, bloggers, and Goodreads members (not authors) who, inspired by those who have already taken a stand, have come together in an effort to stop the bullying we have seen on not only the GR fora, but other online fora as well (i.e. Amazon, AW, etc.)  With the information we find online, it is our mission to educate and warn others of the outrageous behaviour of those commonly known as the GR & Amazon bullies.

Please note, we do not encourage harassment or attacks against the bullies of any kind.  We do not encourage our readers to contact them in any way.  We are simply here to expose their bullying behaviour.

The bullies are under the impression that any reaction to them is about critical reviews, using the argument that they have a right to express their opinions.  We are not here to fight against critical reviews.  That is not what our campaign is about.  It is about their bullying behaviour towards others which is becoming increasingly disturbing.