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It looks like the attack on Eve Thomas continues.  As we’ve said before, the bullies never stop.  They are constantly online (either on GR or Amazon) picking fights, trying to humiliate people, and wreaking havoc wherever they tread.  Pathetic, isn’t it?

In this post, due to popular demand, we’ll be showing you the screenshots we have of the verbal diarrhea spewed by the harassing miscreants known as the Amazon Fora Trolls, whose collective IQ happens to total that of a 12-year old child.  We hope no one loses any brain cells while reading.  In the process, we’ll also be publishing the responses of the normal people on the thread.  It’s not hard to tell which is which.  The bullies’ hypocritical and unjustified pontifications are glaringly obvious.

(Please note, we do have an Amazon troll award for the most psychotic comment, but that comes at the end, so keep reading!)

First the conversation starts out rather smoothly with Gillian, Katy, and Sharon showing their support for Eve and Eve responding:




Then, the first Amazon troll appears (big surprise):


So Coaxial thinks she wasn’t bullying anyone or being nasty?  Maybe she forgot about the comment she left threatening Eve with nasty reviews.

But this gets better, because… *trumpets sound* we have another troll who appears on the scene and compares naming and shaming to domestic violence (we know, we know, you don’t have to tell us):


Then Sharon and Gillian step in to correct Janet’s unfortunate lack of understanding:



This is when Eve’s rep steps in and takes over her account on GR to let them know an investigation is under way:


And how do they respond to this?  Well, another Amazon troll moves in, HJ Leonard in this case, who doesn’t seem to understand that it’s Eve’s rep talking and not Eve.  Remember what we said about their collective IQ equaling that of a 12-year old?  This is what we mean:


We find it funny that HJ doesn’t believe that 87 people contacted Eve to point her to our site.  It’s just proves their denial that they have enemies.  A lot of enemies.  HJ, if you only knew how many blog readers we get a day, you’d be surprised that that number was so low.  But by all means, keep making fools of yourselves.  Keep attacking people online and making enemies.  It’s such a productive way to spend your time, ya know?

And here are some more messages and warnings from Eve’s rep:



But they don’t seem to get the message, do they?  Because they keep coming.  Like we said, collective IQ of a 12-year old… wait, no, that would be insulting to all 12-year olds.  I take that back.  The collective IQ of a rock.  That’s better.


As to the “Sidebar Of Shame”, Juno left this comment on our blog.  I just wanted to share it:

These bullies really are total hypocrites!!! The crap they have come out with over the last few days is laughable! If they could only see themselves the way we see them!!! It goes something like this:

BULLY – “STGRB is a terrible site, they stalk and harasses women!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Really? Where? Show me where STGRB do this? Hey Bully you are the one stalking and harassing women. Do you want to see the proof? See the screen shots above! You bully both authors and readers. You have destroyed many authors careers! YOU are the one dong these things!”

BULLY – “STRGB is mean, they hurt my feelings. BOO-HOO! They made a list of names including my name. They called this list Badly Behaving Goodreaders & Amazon Trolls. Listing peoples names is bullying! That makes STGRB bullies! My feelings are really hurt! Winge-whine!!!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Hey bully stop being such a cry baby! YOU have made a list of authors names on GR and Amazon, you have called your list Badly Behaving Authors. So in your own words that makes YOU a bully. These authors’ only crime was promoting their books, they didn’t bully or hurt anyone. Is it ok for YOU to make lists of peoples names??? But it is not ok for STGRB to make lists???”

BULLY – “A-HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *GROWL* You support THAT site! You are one of them! You are a woman hater! You are a child molester! I hate you! NOW!!! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE MADE ME SAY??? You have caught me out and now I must destroy you!!! I am going to email all my bully friends and get them on here to attack you!!! I’m going to log into all multiple troll accounts and I’ll attack you with ALL of them!!! I WILL MAKE YOU PAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Bully you are a whining hypocrite! I am going to ignore you from now on because I know exactly what you are up to!!! I rest my case!” :)

Okay, so, moving on.  Eve’s rep steps in again:



Now… this is the good part, or I should say, one of the good parts.  The next two screenshots are of particular interest to us.  I almost choked when I read Zahara condemning doxxing.  Why?  Keep reading.



Do you know why Gillian blocked Zahara?  Because we let Gillian know exactly who Zahara (aka Zahara Cerise) is.  You see, they’ve met before.  On Amazon.  Here is Zahara on Amazon revealing her identity to HJ Leonard:


And guess what Anna Karenina did to Gillian?  She stalked her and dug up personal information about her.  Then she outed it to everyone on Amazon.  But that’s not all.  This gets better, or I should say, worse.  She then threatened Gillian with other, more private information that she had discovered.  We’re not at liberty to tell you what that is or show any screenshots.  If you want to know more, you can ask Gillian.  She has all the proof that Anna/Zahara did this.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Here are a couple more comments from Eve’s rep to Anna/Zahara:



Now, we’re getting to the finale.  To the Amazon troll award for the most psychotic comment which goes to Mahala Burlingame!  First Mahala can’t understand why her comments are being removed even after Eve’s rep distinctly told the Amazon trolls that theirs would be.


And then Mahala leaves this:


Not just a little freaky, is it?



Then Mahala says she’s going to report Eve’s rep to GR:


Then Katy says:




You know, I think Mahala just likes to report people.  Makes her feel special and important.

Finally, Eve’s rep blocks her and that’s the end of it.


But… the award still goes to Mahala.  So, congratulations, Mahala!  You’ve just won our most psychotic comment award!  Good for you!  You must be so proud.

But really, in all seriousness, we hope that Eve is alright, that the investigation goes well, and that these jerks are held accountable for their actions.  If there’s anything we can do to help, we will.  And if people (and GR) can’t see by now how deranged and dangerous these trolls are, then there is no point in posting this stuff anymore.  It’s just getting ridiculous.

Well, unfortunately, the attack on Eve Thomas continues.  The bully leading this attack is a particularly nasty one who is both a GR bully and an Amazon Fora Troll (see sidebar.)  A site visitor just gave us this screenshot of Coaxial threatening Eve with nasty reviews that she’s going to – wait for it – write and post in one night!


That’s right.  She’s going to read both of Eve’s books and write reviews on them in one night.  *cough cough*  Uh… right.  Translation: she’s going to ignore the books entirely and write up the meanest, nastiest, most author-bashing and insulting reviews she can think of and post them on Eve’s books.

Well, it seems as though even Coaxial realized that she had gone too far because she deleted her comment shortly after she left it (if you go here, you won’t see it any longer.)  But unfortunately for her, our site visitor had the presence of mind to get the screenshot and send it to us so that we could show people just how vindictive she and all her bully friends are.

So, if any of you ever see a comment like this one that crosses the line, screengrab it and send it to us, because the bullies are very good at covering their tracks.


An addendum.  It looks as if Coaxial has changed her shelf of Eve’s book from Shitlist to Fuck-You-For-Being-Illiterate:


And here are the insults and jeers they leveled at her:



They did this all because she tried to apologize!  And then gave each other cyber hugs, acting as if they were the ones being victimized.  Is it just me, or is this completely psychotic?

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