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We just received this from Anony Mous and thought it merited attention (for background information on this, read Melody’s Story).  Anyone see the hypocrisy in Kat’s stance?  Anony Mous describes it perfectly here:


Her email is in reference to this:



If it has always been a possibility that Melody and Judyann were separate people, then maybe Steph shouldn’t have written the post in the first place.  Right?  We’re still waiting for an apology.

Which we know will never come.  This is typical behavior for Kat and Steph.

Athena also makes a great point about Kat in her comment here:

This is the second time I’ve heard of Kat not wanting to be part of the drama. The first time was during the GR Bully Meltdown when Cuddlebuggery went to war with Ridley and Jane Litte:
But Kat quickly got over that and was soon blogging happily about her scandalous scandals.

It’s funny. Every time she’s put in an embarrassing situation, she claims she “doesn’t want any part of the drama”. *major eye roll* Yeah, Kat. Right.

Sorry, Kat, but everyone can see right through your righteous bs.

Nice try, though.

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Wow!  Now I think we’ve seen it all… okay well maybe not, but this is pretty crazy.  This just shows to what lengths these people will go.  We were just tipped off to this thread where there is a screenshot of sock-puppets with our names leaving one-stars and derogatory shelving of Dougie Brimson’s book (these socks have since been deleted):


Okay, it’s obvious this isn’t us and Dougie knows that as well, but this just proves that the real sock-puppeteers are the bullies themselves.  Ever wonder why the bullies are so quick to accuse others of sock-puppetry?  It’s the same reason why liars are the first to call other people liars.


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Bully Lies

Below is a post we published on December 16, 2012, when a site visitor named Jen caught the bullies in an outright lie.  It was great.


Last post we said we had some screenshots of a site visitor, Jen, who caught the bullies in a lie.  In fact, she didn’t just catch them in one lie.  She caught them in several.  How did she do it?  She’s been monitoring some of the biggest offenders for a while (on and off GR ) and found a link to a blog post by J.A. Souders, author of Renegade and a bully sympathizer.  In the post, J.A. claims that STGRB considers honest criticism of a book to be bullying.  Lie #1.  Jen then proceeded to leave a comment pointing out the error.  Of course, when she did, the trolls swarmed in and attacked.  Then, she caught them in more lies.  Another of our site visitors, Goronwy, found the discussion thread and left this comment before we had a chance to blog about it:

I take it you guys have seen this?
Who owns this site and why do so many big-name bullies feel the need to jump in and comment?

The answer to her question is simple.  We’ve been posting the truth about these people ever since we started our blog and they don’t like their dirty laundry being hung out for everyone to see.  So what do they do?  They try to spread lies.  Here are some screenshots of the conversation:




We’ll stop here for a second.  First of all, all three of these bullies were not put on our list because of what they claim.  They were put there because they either attacked an author or tried to spread lies about an author (which is exactly what they are doing here in these comments.)  So these are yet more lies.  Another lie these bullies try to spread is that certain authors are behind our website.  This is false.  We are not authors.  Also, we have never lied on this site.  If we make a mistake, we correct it, but we’ve never lied and in fact, we frequently provide screenshots and links to show people that what we are saying is true.  Jen points that out here:


And then they continue to spew the same garbage:


A couple points of order (to clear up some of these lies):

1) We’ve always published public information on our site.  That’s not a crime.  When we first started, a couple of our site visitors asked us to take some of the information down, so we did because they requested it.

2) Reading wolf calls the examples we give of bullying on our site “differences of opinion.”  So, you tell us, is libeling an author to ruin his career a difference of opinion (see Zoe Gets Busted)?  Is threatening to publish an author’s personal identifiable information online with malicious intent a difference of opinion (see More Bully Reviews)?  Is misrepresenting an author in a review a difference of opinion (see The Bullying of Simone Elkeles)?  Is chewing out a fourteen-year-old girl and telling her to “fuck off” a difference of opinion (See The BIggest Offenders)?  Is trying to deliberately ruin the career of an author just for fun a difference of opinion (see The Holy Terror)?  These are only a few examples.  There are many, many more.

3) Spy-like tactics?  So, in other words, what she’s saying is that posting public information we read on social networking sites like GR, Facebook, Twitter and then talking about it on our blog is considered spy like tactics.  But when they do it – and they do it all the time – it’s considered just plain blogging and is absolutely normal behavior.  You see the hypocrisy here?  The fact is, as we stated above, they don’t like anyone hanging out their dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Here is more of the conversation, where they try to pimp their pitiful .net site (at least now we know who is behind that site – hint: it’s not just one person, it’s all of them.):

Comment6Comment7Comment8Comment9For the full conversation, click the link above in Goronwy’s comment.  If you do read the full conversation, you will see that Jen’s last comment was deleted.  And replaced with Tor Forge’s comment here, where she closes the conversation:


These bullies have stated that: 1) we consider honest criticism of books bullying, 2) we lie, 3) we are authors, 4) we publish people’s PII (see More Bully Reviews for what PII is) and put people in danger, 5) we use spy-like tactics, 6) we don’t know what bullying is, and finally 7) we are obsessed stalkers (did I miss any?)  All of these things are false.  If you want to know who the bullies, liars, and obsessed stalkers are, take a look at our sidebar.

To give you one last example of who the obsessed stalkers are, we’ll tell you about our recent experiment with our firewall.  Now, we’ve stated that the bullies are not allowed to comment on our comment boards.  We do this for obvious reasons.  If we left the commenting open, they would come in and do what they do best – hijack it and turn it into a wankfest.  To understand what we mean by that, just re-read this post, or better yet, just go to the link Goronwy gives and read the whole conversation.

Case in point.

We don’t want to do what Tor Forge had to and shut down every single conversation.  So… the bullies are not allowed here.  Period.  Because of that, they often try “comment in disguise”, that is, pretend to be sympathetic to what we’re saying and then proceed to start a bunch of shit.  I can spot them from a mile away, but the other moderators can’t.  Just recently, Athena had to ban a visitor because of this very thing and she’s gotten so fed up with them doing this that she asked Stitch to set up a firewall.  He did and now he’s (very cleverly) collecting the bullies’ IP addresses and placing them into the firewall.  So instead of being able to access our site, they get an error message.

Now, Stitch and Athena have been keeping an eye on the firewall stats and boy are they revealing!  First of all, the bullies have been hitting the wall hundreds of times a day and yet our site stats show the same amount of visitors, which disproves their theory that our site traffic comes from them.  Secondly, we’ve seen several IPs hit the wall at an alarming rate.  One hit it 40 times in a matter of a few hours and then another hit it 51 times in one hour.

51 times!!!!

Oh.  My.  God!!!!

Now… who are the obsessed stalkers?

Uh huh.  Yeah.  Thought so.

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Well, well.  It looks as if the bully crowd is trying to tell authors how to behave… AGAIN!  A couple days ago, we received this comment from Maya:

Well, since this site is always about how readers are so mean to authors on GR, maybe this thread will interest you; readers sharing stories of great interactions they had with authors on GR: It’s the “other side”, so to speak. :)

To which Good Belle responds:

Are you fucking kidding me? Took me all of five seconds to get pissed off reading that thread. Who the hell are readers to tell authors how to/how not to behave?? And check boxes for authors before being ‘granted’ an GR account? Do we live in communist times? This ain’t Russia, China or North Korea – time for us to stop telling authors what they can and cannot do.

And Karig says:

All this does is confirm that places like Goodreads are (currently) useless for authors, particularly authors who aren’t already famous. The clique there (and at other places like the forums at Amazon) react with outrage if an author so much as mentions the name of his book (which is apparently considered “spamming”). Hell, some people there get seriously put out with you if you even mention that you **have** a book without saying what the title is.

I can understand that authors should avoid the “hard sell” and shouldn’t try to get the word out about their books by dumping blurbs and ad-speak onto a forum thread, but Heidi Belleau’s list of rules is offensive. She’s going to tell us that if you’re an author, you can’t talk to your fans unless they talk to you first, and that when that happens, you can talk about other people’s books but NOT your own? Give me a freaking break. Is an author a second-class citizen who needs to be reminded of her place? Is she supposed to shrug and accept lots of one-star reviews from people who haven’t read her books because somebody online with a chip on his shoulder thought she was getting uppity?

These rules are ridiculous, and they make places like Goodreads useless if not poison for writers just starting out and struggling to get fans in the first place.

And then Maya:

Well… you could also ask who the hell are authors to tell readers how to behave. I think everyone simply needs to behave with class and politeness, both authors and readers. I shared because an author wrote the article and I read some successful stories of reader/author interaction in there.

I must have missed the post where they wanted check boxes before allowing authors on GR.

Well, Maya, I think she was referring to this comment on the thread.  It’s right on the front page:CheckBox

Do you see the last sentence there?  That “some people” just like causing drama?  Of course, she’s referring to authors.  But we all know, by the evidence we’ve shown over and over again on our blog, that these “some people” are none other than the bullies we have named on our BBG page.

So, here it is again!  The bullies causing drama and then blaming authors for it.  It NEVER ends.

Now, the author Maya is referring to, who wrote the blog post, is Heidi B.  We’re not going to post what she wrote here.  We’d rather not soil our pretty new theme with her self-righteous excrement, but we do agree with her on one thing – don’t ever wrestle with pigs.  This is why we always tell everyone what we wrote on our Do’s and Don’t’s for Victims: DO NOT engage with the bullies.  They are nothing more than a herd of smelly, foul-mouthed swine who relish in dragging authors down into the mud that they live in and love so well.

What we fully disagree with is Heidi’s statement that recommends authors interact with their fans only if they engage them first.  This is just utterly ridiculous.  Karig is right.  Authors are not second class citizens.  They have a right to correct factual mistakes in reviews without being bullied by these assholes.  They have a right to be offended when they are personally attacked in a “book” review, that is actually an author review.  They also have a right to be annoyed when their books are attacked by an infestation of trolls who leave one-star flybys without even reading the books in the first place.  And yet it seems that all of this is allowed on GR and the moderators are just fine with it.  This is why we alert others (particularly new authors) as to whom and what they need to avoid.  Because their GR experience can actually be rather pleasant if they know the ropes and are warned in advance.

And speaking of warnings, here are couple Anons warning our readers about Heidi and her circle of friends:

The person (author) who wrote the so-called rules is not exactly the person anyone should be taking advice from. Just my observation from reading her on Twitter and various places online over the last year or so.

And then from Anon3:

That disclaimer by the person who started that thread, stating that she doesn’t know the author is a complete lie, and the author who wrote that blog post is best buds on Twitter with some of the worst bullies out there.

Anon3 is referring to this comment on the thread:


Anon3 is absolutely right.  Willaful (one of the BBG) is lying.  Check this out.  Recognize anyone?


If you didn’t recognize one of our Biggest Offenders, go here.

Or how about this shot?  Recognize any names?


Public enemy no. 1?  Hardly.  But Heidi is rolling in the mud with the pigs.  Does it give you the impression that she wrote the post for attention?  Hmm… *scratches chin*  More than likely.  What’s hilarious is the fact that these people are constantly writing up rules for authors.  Because, you see, they always end up breaking them.  For this reason, we’ll be keeping a particularly close eye on Heidi.  If she’s anything like her friends on Twitter, she’ll end just like Looney and her “code of honour”.

Everyone remember that?  You know, the code that she broke TWICE.  If anyone is missing our posts on that, showing how she made a complete ass of herself, don’t worry.  Within the next month, we’ll be re-pubbing them, so stay tuned…

It looks like the attack on Eve Thomas continues.  As we’ve said before, the bullies never stop.  They are constantly online (either on GR or Amazon) picking fights, trying to humiliate people, and wreaking havoc wherever they tread.  Pathetic, isn’t it?

In this post, due to popular demand, we’ll be showing you the screenshots we have of the verbal diarrhea spewed by the harassing miscreants known as the Amazon Fora Trolls, whose collective IQ happens to total that of a 12-year old child.  We hope no one loses any brain cells while reading.  In the process, we’ll also be publishing the responses of the normal people on the thread.  It’s not hard to tell which is which.  The bullies’ hypocritical and unjustified pontifications are glaringly obvious.

(Please note, we do have an Amazon troll award for the most psychotic comment, but that comes at the end, so keep reading!)

First the conversation starts out rather smoothly with Gillian, Katy, and Sharon showing their support for Eve and Eve responding:




Then, the first Amazon troll appears (big surprise):


So Coaxial thinks she wasn’t bullying anyone or being nasty?  Maybe she forgot about the comment she left threatening Eve with nasty reviews.

But this gets better, because… *trumpets sound* we have another troll who appears on the scene and compares naming and shaming to domestic violence (we know, we know, you don’t have to tell us):


Then Sharon and Gillian step in to correct Janet’s unfortunate lack of understanding:



This is when Eve’s rep steps in and takes over her account on GR to let them know an investigation is under way:


And how do they respond to this?  Well, another Amazon troll moves in, HJ Leonard in this case, who doesn’t seem to understand that it’s Eve’s rep talking and not Eve.  Remember what we said about their collective IQ equaling that of a 12-year old?  This is what we mean:


We find it funny that HJ doesn’t believe that 87 people contacted Eve to point her to our site.  It’s just proves their denial that they have enemies.  A lot of enemies.  HJ, if you only knew how many blog readers we get a day, you’d be surprised that that number was so low.  But by all means, keep making fools of yourselves.  Keep attacking people online and making enemies.  It’s such a productive way to spend your time, ya know?

And here are some more messages and warnings from Eve’s rep:



But they don’t seem to get the message, do they?  Because they keep coming.  Like we said, collective IQ of a 12-year old… wait, no, that would be insulting to all 12-year olds.  I take that back.  The collective IQ of a rock.  That’s better.


As to the “Sidebar Of Shame”, Juno left this comment on our blog.  I just wanted to share it:

These bullies really are total hypocrites!!! The crap they have come out with over the last few days is laughable! If they could only see themselves the way we see them!!! It goes something like this:

BULLY – “STGRB is a terrible site, they stalk and harasses women!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Really? Where? Show me where STGRB do this? Hey Bully you are the one stalking and harassing women. Do you want to see the proof? See the screen shots above! You bully both authors and readers. You have destroyed many authors careers! YOU are the one dong these things!”

BULLY – “STRGB is mean, they hurt my feelings. BOO-HOO! They made a list of names including my name. They called this list Badly Behaving Goodreaders & Amazon Trolls. Listing peoples names is bullying! That makes STGRB bullies! My feelings are really hurt! Winge-whine!!!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Hey bully stop being such a cry baby! YOU have made a list of authors names on GR and Amazon, you have called your list Badly Behaving Authors. So in your own words that makes YOU a bully. These authors’ only crime was promoting their books, they didn’t bully or hurt anyone. Is it ok for YOU to make lists of peoples names??? But it is not ok for STGRB to make lists???”

BULLY – “A-HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *GROWL* You support THAT site! You are one of them! You are a woman hater! You are a child molester! I hate you! NOW!!! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE MADE ME SAY??? You have caught me out and now I must destroy you!!! I am going to email all my bully friends and get them on here to attack you!!! I’m going to log into all multiple troll accounts and I’ll attack you with ALL of them!!! I WILL MAKE YOU PAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

NORMAL PERSON – “Bully you are a whining hypocrite! I am going to ignore you from now on because I know exactly what you are up to!!! I rest my case!” :)

Okay, so, moving on.  Eve’s rep steps in again:



Now… this is the good part, or I should say, one of the good parts.  The next two screenshots are of particular interest to us.  I almost choked when I read Zahara condemning doxxing.  Why?  Keep reading.



Do you know why Gillian blocked Zahara?  Because we let Gillian know exactly who Zahara (aka Zahara Cerise) is.  You see, they’ve met before.  On Amazon.  Here is Zahara on Amazon revealing her identity to HJ Leonard:


And guess what Anna Karenina did to Gillian?  She stalked her and dug up personal information about her.  Then she outed it to everyone on Amazon.  But that’s not all.  This gets better, or I should say, worse.  She then threatened Gillian with other, more private information that she had discovered.  We’re not at liberty to tell you what that is or show any screenshots.  If you want to know more, you can ask Gillian.  She has all the proof that Anna/Zahara did this.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Here are a couple more comments from Eve’s rep to Anna/Zahara:



Now, we’re getting to the finale.  To the Amazon troll award for the most psychotic comment which goes to Mahala Burlingame!  First Mahala can’t understand why her comments are being removed even after Eve’s rep distinctly told the Amazon trolls that theirs would be.


And then Mahala leaves this:


Not just a little freaky, is it?



Then Mahala says she’s going to report Eve’s rep to GR:


Then Katy says:




You know, I think Mahala just likes to report people.  Makes her feel special and important.

Finally, Eve’s rep blocks her and that’s the end of it.


But… the award still goes to Mahala.  So, congratulations, Mahala!  You’ve just won our most psychotic comment award!  Good for you!  You must be so proud.

But really, in all seriousness, we hope that Eve is alright, that the investigation goes well, and that these jerks are held accountable for their actions.  If there’s anything we can do to help, we will.  And if people (and GR) can’t see by now how deranged and dangerous these trolls are, then there is no point in posting this stuff anymore.  It’s just getting ridiculous.

Below is a post we published on December 19, 2012, after The Attack on Lynne Copeland.  It’s about Claude Bouchard’s tongue-in-cheek post on reviewing reviewers (for a very eloquent post on this same subject, take a look at Rob On Writing’s: I Want To Review the Reviewer. Personally.)  We are publishing this now because we want to show people just how these bullies blatantly lie with absolutely no conscience about it whatsoever.  One bully in particular is a compulsive liar – well, they all are, but this one is particularly bad.  Goronwy lists her latest verbal indigestion here in a comment on Apology Not Accepted:

As usual, they’re not stopping.

Now they’re posting angry, self-pitying comments on both Angela’s and Coaxial’s review of Eve’s book.

Here is Stefani, Empress of Narcissism:

“Really, a fabulous defense of DV victims…supporting a site that has harassed women, condemned women for having an opinion (notice how all their bullies just so happen to be female), have had at least one woman stalked in real life, posted address and phone numbers of women online, supports someone who recently spent 4 months engaged in sexual roleplaying with minors, and has harassed minors on their site.

Yes, I can tell just how much of a damn you give about domestic violence by the people you choose to associate with. ”

Wow, did she just equate being exposed as a bully with being the victim of domestic violence? Yes she did!

Pay close attention to Stefani’s comment after Claude’s post.  You’ll see exactly what we mean.


Just recently, Goronwy cleared up a misunderstanding regarding the attack on Lynne Copeland with this comment:

Just a clarification for those who might be interested:

It seems that ground zero in this attack was a post on Claude Bouchard’s blog (now deleted, but helpfully screencapped by Rameau here where he satirizes three reviews (quite wittily, I think.)

As you can see, Lynne, Steve and Peggy also thought he was funny and that caused all three of them to be attacked. TaenneLeigh and Evelyn aren’t writers, so punishing them wasn’t possible, at least not yet.

Below is the screenshot.  Goronwy is right.  It is clever and funny:


Don’t bother looking for Claude’s blog post now.  He deleted it because of the GR bully attack.  It’s really a shame because it was hilarious.  We wish he’d left it up.

Now, our opinion about this whole thing is best expressed in a conversation between Goronwy and Anony Mouse:

Anony Mouse:

LMAO! That was funny!

See! This is what I mean about authors needing their space to write about reviews. They should feel free to do this without getting attacked for it. He’s right. They are entitled to their opinions, too. They have the right to express them and critique reviews.


He wrote this on his own blog! They will hunt an author down ON HIS OWN PRIVATE SPACE to attack him!

Anony Mouse:

Yes, I know. What I mean is a private space that these trolls can’t see or access. But then again, authors can do this on GR. They can create private groups where they discuss reviews. I agree with you that they shouldn’t have to do that. They should be allowed to discuss these things in peace on their own blog without being attacked. It’s a double standard these trolls have. They say all sorts of terrible things about authors in their spaces and that seems to be okay but when authors do something like this, suddenly it’s war. This double standard is not okay.

The point is that Goronwy and Anony Mouse are right.  The bullies go into authors’ private spaces and pick a fight and then blame the authors for this so called “author/reviewer war” that they started in the first place.  They actually believe they are teaching authors how to behave when they themselves are acting like overbearing, infantile assholes.  This is bully hypocrisy at its finest.

Do we think authors have a right to their opinion about reviews?  Absolutely.  Do we think authors have a right to their private spaces where they can talk about reviews and reviewers?  Absolutely.  Do we think reviewers have a right to go into their spaces and attack them for having a conversation?  Absolutely not.  And this is what happens ALL THE TIME.  The bullies seek out authors in THEIR spaces and attack them for speaking their minds and sharing their opinions.  It’s this behavior that’s responsible for the author/reviewer war raging on GR.

Now, we’ve seen what happened to Lynne.  She was put on a shitlist, which caused her to write her post, which then lead to The Attack on Lynne Copeland.  They also went after Peggy and Steve.  To see how Steve dealt with them, go to Stefani’s review of Steve’s book.  We actually think Steve handled them very well.  Kudos to you, Steve!  But as for those authors who would rather cut off their arms than kiss GR bully butt, we recommend deleting the bullies’ comments and blocking them altogether.  Or better yet, do as Anony Mouse suggested and create a private group for you and your friends so you can have discussions about these “reviewers” and their so-called “reviews” without their interference.

Now, we want to show you something very interesting.  Something that will give you an idea of how these bullies lie about being victimized.  How they lie about what authors actually do.  Go to Stefani’s review of Steve’s book and scroll down until you see this comment:


Huh.  Really?

Do any of you see anywhere in the screenshot above where an author says that reviewers are “morons, poor, lacking a social life, hermits, too stupid to understand, and so ugly their own mothers would say so”?

Uh… no.

Do you think Stefani is exaggerating to point of lying through her teeth?


Now, maybe these reviewers weren’t called morons by the authors in this screenshot, but we as reviewers ourselves have no reservations about calling them morons.  In fact, as Gyruleine would say, they are social morons.  And we agree.  As we see it, if you’re going to be an asshole in a review, don’t be an idiot.  If you’re an idiot and an asshole at the same time, you deserve to get mocked.

So, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned for our next post in which you will see more bully hypocrisy.  And it’s not Looney this time.  It’s someone else.

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