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Edit: Update on this story.  Nytti and Rick Carufel’s Twitter accounts were deleted as a result of this falsification.  If you click on the links, you will get a message saying that the page doesn’t exist.


Well, it appears that bullies (also known as SJWs) are at it again, but instead of trying to smear us, they are attempting to smear Anne Rice by creating fake tweets:


We know this is fake for two reasons.  One is that Anne never participates in Twitter conversations.  The only time she uses Twitter is to share her Facebook posts and to retweet her sons tweets that talk about his activities.  That’s it.  That’s the only time she uses Twitter.  The second reason we know this is a fake is because Ralph contacted us via Twitter to let us know this tweet to him never took place:


Edit: More reasons we know the tweet was fake.

3) Anne has over one-hundred K twitter fans. If she had said this, at least one of them would have replied or shared it. None did.

4) There is no web cache of it, nor archive.

So, it’s obviously fake.

Keep it up, bullies.  You guys just keep digging yourselves in deeper and deeper.

In this post, we want to address something that the bullies have been preaching ever since we started this blog and that’s that we are against negative, critical reviews. Back in mid-2012, when STGRB first went live, the bullies did their best to get us shut down. When they couldn’t, they did everything they could to discredit our site with accusations of bullying, threatening, or harming others. We were accused of doxxing – of publishing people’s address, phone numbers, etc. And we were also accused of being a group of authors who were getting revenge on reviewers who wrote critical reviews of our books. Here is a post we wrote that explains in more detail what happened when we first started our blog.

None of this nonsense was true. It still isn’t.

An example of what we mean is clear as day in an article (a very ill-informed article) written by John Scalzi back in 2012. Without doing any research of our blog or who we really are and what we’re about, John wrote this masterpiece.  Here are some screenshots of it.




So, let’s see exactly what John considers to be negative reviews or criticism of books. These are just a few of the many examples we’ve published on our blog





You see, this is what John and the bullies would have you believe – that all of this is criticism of BOOKS, when it is something else, something much worse.  These examples we’ve shown are, in fact, deliberate, premeditated, vicious attacks on people. Not books.

John doesn’t just stop at drinking and preaching the bully Kool-Aid, he is probably one of the bigger bullies we know, whose rants have lead to vicious attacks on authors.


If you want to see what happened to Laurell, just check our her books on GR and Amazon.

John’s abuse doesn’t stop there. We’ve heard from several big name authors that it is truly bad form (as an author) to attack or criticize another author, and yet John, just like Jenny Trout, does this quite often:


You will note here that Larry declined the Hugo nomination. So that should tell you how well John researches subjects before he goes off on his ill-informed, pious diatribes.

But he doesn’t stop at authors either. He’s been known to be a bully to people in other arenas, outside of the book world:


We don’t want to get involved in the Sad Puppies or GamerGate fight. We simply want to show how John treats other authors and other people.  And when you read his words, you have to ask yourself these questions:

Do they contribute anything to the literary community or any community for that matter?


Are they productive?


Do they help anyone?


All they are are cruel jabs at other authors and other people, and yet John sits there in his ivory tower and preaches on his blog about how righteous he is.

Shame on you, John!

People like John and the rest of the bullies are described very well in the words of one of our loyal blog readers:

“These people…[the bullies]… they contribute nothing to the literary community, to the book world, to the world of those of us who love to read and write books. They’re just in it, parasites, treating it all like a video game! Heaping vulgarity, ugliness and meanness on authors and saying “Take it, or we’ll blacklist and libel you!””

John writes at the end of his article (he is talking to us here, implying that we are going to attack someone on his behalf):

“When I need your help with a negative review, I will ask for it.
If I don’t ask for it, I don’t need your help.
If I do ask for it, you should consider me temporarily out of my head and ignore me.
If you decide to attack someone in my name without consulting me, you make me look bad. That will annoy me, and I may take it out on you, possibly publicly.”

Well, guess what. You don’t have to worry about us trying to help you, because that will never happen. You are a bully, my friend. We would never attack people like you do, especially not on your behalf. And as far as anyone making you look bad, well, that’s already been done.

YOU make you look bad.

And that’s all we’re going to say.

Well, well, well.  Wouldn’t you just know it.  The Godmother of the bullies, well-known for being much too free with her tongue and libeling authors and publishers alike on her blog, in fact libeling them to the point of pushing them into lawsuits against her, Jane Litte, or in real life known as Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe:


has yet another pen name, as she reveals in her latest DA post, A Letter to the DA Readership:



We know that many of you, as you read the words above, will hear, “Bullshit, bullshit,” going through your mind and you are exactly right to think it.  Jane’s explanation is in a word, hogwash.  First, the reason she is revealing this information is because Jaid Black, whom Jane doxxed on her blog:


was going to go public with this information anyway, so Jane had to have the first jump and give everyone a bullshit explanation for her despicable actions.  Second, Jane wrote under a pen name for one obvious reason, because she feared retaliation from enemies: enemies she’s made from libeling people and enemies she made during #RomFail (See Why Jane Little Was Banned From RWA, in fact, just read our whole collection on Jane here.  You can read about how she defended violent readers and then attacked Nathan Bransford on Twitter and a lot more!)  Finally, Jane has been using her blog to deceitfully promote her own work WITHOUT telling readers that she was the author or one of the authors.  Notice where she says:

I wanted any success I had with the fiction to be built on the merits of the work, not on the blogging platform. I had a couple of awkward moments where I had to keep one of my books from being reviewed on Dear Author, but somehow I managed to keep them completely separate.

This is a blatant lie and it’s easily provable.  For example, here, on a blog post written by her, she promotes her book, Unspoken:


And here, her blog is promoting her book, Last Hit:


And again, here, her blog is promoting another one of her books, The Charlotte Chronicles:


We’d say we’re surprised, but for someone like Jane, we’re really not.  She’s vicious and capable of resorting to anything to put forward her own interests.

Okay, so, for all the bullies out there who are celebrating Jane’s big reveal, you are probably unaware of the implications of it.  Please, read on.  We’ll enlighten you.  In fact, one of our blog readers will enlighten you.  In recent emails, this blog reader said:

I find this shocking and not surprising.  I wonder how many of the Amazon Bullies are in fact authors… who basically use their bully persona to pile on other authors. There we have malicious gossips essentially hiding the fact that they are authors as they pile on other authors from behind their pseudonyms, pretending to be “readers” protecting “readers” from authors. Can you imagine if a major author took a job reviewing books and lecturing authors for the New York Times under a pseudonym? And suddenly you discovered that Columnist X who reviewed books all the time snidely and nastily was in fact a major author hiding behind that pseudonym? When professional book reviewers write books, the books are non fiction generally and are under their real names, the names they use as “critics.” But imagine discovering that a major author was behind constant criticism of authors… The point is…. this is major. A major bully entity who is in fact an author! And the question is how many others are authors? I think STGRB has already outed some on Goodreads. But I hope the significance is played up. These bullies have, in my estimation, put themselves forward as “readers” and “non professionals” and bragged that “authors are paid but we’re not!” as they justify their malice and pettiness and dirty tricks and constant high toned attacks. And now we find out they are actually authors selling a competing product!!!! Authors pretending to be high toned amateur critics trying to protect the public from authors’ bad behavior. How bad can some one’s behavior get? It makes the entire bully bible a lie —- the entire “argument” that this is a war of readers against authors. It calls into question everything. It should be enough to discredit the bully culture and the bully cliques forever. So now we see what is really happening: a clique of lying, cheating authors has been behind this war against honest authors all along. Now we see the desperation to maintain pseudonyms on Amazon! They can’t keep peddling their lies without those pseudonyms! I say it’s time to ask outright: which of you is an author!!! Come clean now!! Enough of the lies and the dirty tricks.

AND NOW WE KNOW this is all a lie. They were authors all along, many of them. Willing to malign “authors” as they hide behind pseudonyms. That this woman would continue with her blog, given that she is an author and a successful one and promote her own work… makes her despicable. After all it is “promotion” by authors that so angers this “reader bully” population. And she has done it for her own book!!!! I think the question has to be asked now of everyone of these people: What is your real name and are you an author?

I think these people must be exposed for  what they’ve done:

1) Essentially try to convince the public that they are vigilant readers, generous with their time and love of books, who are trying to save other readers from “badly behaved authors.”

2)Try to convince the public that authors are irresponsible and childish and need to be policed by “readers.”

3) That there is war on between these “readers” and bad authors.

The headline here is “The bullies have been lying for years. They are actually authors punching down from behind pseudonyms against fellow authors! The whole idea of the vigilant reader asserting her rights is a sham!”

So all the foolishness about “big bad authors” who might hurt reviewers is a lie. They’re authors!!!!!! All the foolishness about reviewers needing pseudonyms to protect them from authors is a lie. They’re authors! In ruthlessly policing what they call “badly behaved authors,” accusing them of fake five star reviews and self promotion, they have lied, lied, lied, about the fact that they themselves are authors! And this Jane person has actually discussed her own work! The entire bully credo is a lie!

Thank you for your words.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Last week, Anne Rice did something awesome!  She did what authors, readers, bloggers, etc. should all be doing.  She banned the bullies from her FB page and deleted their comments.  Why?  Because they did what they do best — tried to bully her into removing her post speaking out against bullying and using our Nenia Campbell blog as an example:


Once the bullies caught wind of her post, they descended upon her like a pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to be innocent and/or disinterested third parties.  As expected, they started in with their propaganda and lies, attempting to discourage her from speaking out and from using our post to do it.  They also began leaving Anne links to all their blog posts written two years ago, condemning us for publishing public information on our website.

The list of bullies banned from Anne’s page include: Autumn Turner, Jenny Trout, Cyndy Aleo, Kara Malinczak, Elyse Schramm, Flora Bellini, KarlynP and Amanda Welling.  They were banned for being disruptive and disingenuous as well as telling lies.  We know you’ve all seen their nonsense before, but we’ll still give you a few examples of what we mean.  Just for kicks.

You all remember Autumn Turner, right?  Well, check out what she had to say to Anne regarding her post.  Notice the implied threat at the beginning, “I won’t support your books if you support them”:



Then, Athena jumped in to set the record straight and let Anne know about Autumn’s many internet identities and why she was labeled a bully on our blog:


And those identities are:

Misanthropic Reader on Booklikes

Autumn H. on KDP

Misanthrope on Google Blogger

Autumn T. on Facebook

Wolf Surprise on Twitter

Dragon Wolf on Pinterest

Athena is right.  Autumn was also lying about our hosting company.  We left because we found their rules to be a little too strict.  And, we left on good terms:


Now, how did Anne respond to Autumn’s lies?  Well…



See how Autumn calls us morons?  Nice, huh?  That’s right, Autumn, whenever you lose an argument, you should always resort to ad hominem attacks.  It works so well.  It doesn’t make you look childish at all.

So, after this, guess what happened!


That’s right!

Autumn got banned!


Our second example was posted by Nettie Neal Bell who tried to defend Edward Lorn by saying that we wrongly labeled him a bully.  You all remember Troll Edward from Once Upon A Time in the Land of BookLikes, right?  Well, fortunately Athena stepped in to disabuse everyone of Nettie’s silly notion:



Finally, our last example is Jenny Trout and the load of lies she tried to feed Anne about how we put people in danger and published their private information, and how we don’t care about authors, how we shot babies and beat up the elderly, and yada yada yada, whatever lie she and her friends could think of to vilify us.  Oh and btw, the “well respected website” she refers to here is Jane Litte’s Dear Author.  *snort*  Guess she forgot to mention Jane’s attack on Nathan Bransford after he spoke out against the bullying on Goodreads (Nathan, too, had mentioned our blog and was attacked for it).  She also forgot to mention how Jane defended the violent reviewers who physically threatened Veronica Roth.


Oh, btw, we’ve never used content from Dear Author, so that’s another lie.  In fact, that’s a new one.  Haven’t seen that one before.

Anyway, this is what Anne had to say to Jenny:


And then guess what happened!


That’s right!

Jenny got banned!


So, in the end, how did Anne respond to all of this nonsense?  Well…



We should also mention that the majority of the comments on Anne’s post were overwhelmingly positive toward her message about the bullies and about STGRB, including this one:


Guess what, bullies!  Anne and her followers aren’t stupid.  They can see right through your bullshit and they know what you’re up to.  Unfortunately for you, your tactics are transparent and haven’t fooled anyone.

Now, how did the bullies react to getting banned?  Well… here was Jenny’s very mature reaction:


The “Smart Bitches” whose self-description is only half right (and we’re not referring to the “smart” half), had this to say:


Uh… no, Sarah the Smart Bitch.  She doesn’t have a narrow view of book reviewing.  She just has an honest and honorable view of it, unlike you and the cretins you hang out with online.  She also knew Jenny’s “information” was a load of horse manure.

Now… Sarah the Smart Bitch, if you’re going to write a blog post, you should really publish the facts.  The facts are that we published public information on our blog.  We never published private information or addresses or phone numbers or anything of that nature, unlike some of your bully friends who’ve done that to several authors we know and who have also physically called and threatened them.  The fact is that we only published real names if they had previously been made public and publishing someone’s real name is not PII, nor is it illegal.  Publishing their real name in conjunction with their address, phone number, IP address, etc. is PII.  Yet you bullies seem to be missing this fact.  You seem to be having a problem getting your facts straight in general, don’t you?  And here we thought you were “smart bitches”.  Hmm…

Apparently not.

Furthermore, Sarah the Smart Bitch, we here at STGRB have a feeling that Anne doesn’t give a flying #$%! about what you or Jenny Trout or any of your bully friends have to say about her.  Anne Rice is a superstar.  And you?  Well… you’re not.  Anne has millions of readers and millions of followers who understand perfectly well the message she is trying to convey.  Why?  Because they’ve seen your lies and your drama and your bullying and they’ve had enough.  We’ve all had quite enough.

Anne is absolutely right.  You need to get out of the business of bullying and leave authors and other readers alone!


P.S. Hey, bullies!  Since you seem to like this cartoon so much, we’ll show it to you again as a reminder of what will keep happening to you when you act like jerks online:


We just received this from Anony Mous and thought it merited attention (for background information on this, read Melody’s Story).  Anyone see the hypocrisy in Kat’s stance?  Anony Mous describes it perfectly here:


Her email is in reference to this:



If it has always been a possibility that Melody and Judyann were separate people, then maybe Steph shouldn’t have written the post in the first place.  Right?  We’re still waiting for an apology.

Which we know will never come.  This is typical behavior for Kat and Steph.

Athena also makes a great point about Kat in her comment here:

This is the second time I’ve heard of Kat not wanting to be part of the drama. The first time was during the GR Bully Meltdown when Cuddlebuggery went to war with Ridley and Jane Litte:
But Kat quickly got over that and was soon blogging happily about her scandalous scandals.

It’s funny. Every time she’s put in an embarrassing situation, she claims she “doesn’t want any part of the drama”. *major eye roll* Yeah, Kat. Right.

Sorry, Kat, but everyone can see right through your righteous bs.

Nice try, though.

Okay, we already know what you’re thinking: “Which one?”  And you would be right.  There are so many, it’s hard to keep track of them all.  So, Kat, the infamous blogger (and one of our Biggest Offenders) whose known for twisting the truth, giving half the story, and even telling blatant lies just to smear other people’s reputations, has done it again.

(Note: we want to apologize.  We’ve been meaning to post about this for a while.  We just didn’t have the time.  We’re really sorry!)

Now, if any of you haven’t already noticed, Kat’s changed her Buzz Worthy News, Scandalous Scandals posts to what is now called Controversy or Controversies.  And not surprisingly, here are a couple examples (links) where you can see her smearing authors we know, who’ve been victims of the GR bullies abuse in the past: Lloyd Lofthouse and Jamie McGuire.  You have to scroll down a bit to read her smear campaign, but trust us, it’s there.  What’s interesting is what Kat says in regards to the headache Amazon’s erroneous email gave Jamie McGuire:


You see, they were reveling in Jamie’s misery when all of this happened.  And why do they hate her so much?  Because she succeeded despite them.  She was one of the authors who was viciously attacked last year and yet her book still became a huge success.  Quite a slap in the face for the bullies.  Kudos to Jamie.

For more information, read Beautiful Blunder: Dear Author Strikes Again!

Anyhow, moving on to the post we wanted to address this time.  This one was regarding Eve Thomas and what happened to her back in May.  Here is Kat’s version of the story (try not to vomit):






Kat’s right about only one thing here.  They do need to leave Eve alone.  And Darkwriter is John G., another well-known bully.

Now, if you read Kat’s entire post (and this is not the entire post), it makes it sound like some unknown reviewer, who has no history with Eve whatsoever, gave the book a bad review and Eve suddenly, out of nowhere, freaked out and contacted the police.

Doesn’t it make it sound like that?  And we all know that this is not the case.

What Kat fails to mention is that that review came from a person (Coaxial or All Hail Grimlock, a bookseller whose real name is Shoshana B.) who has been part of a gang (Angela and company) who have been harassing Eve for months.  There is a whole history there (of the attacks on Eve by these people) that Kat just conveniently ignores.

You see, everyone, it all started back in February when Eve tried to apologize for promoting her book on GR and was attacked for her apology.  Then Coaxial threatened to leave scathing reviews of her books without even reading them.  The bullies didn’t stop there.  They crossed the line when they contacted Eve’s charity to try and discredit her and then later began leaving all kinds of psychotic comments on her book page.

So, if Eve went a little crazy this time and freaked out, it was because of this.  It was because these bullies isolated her, cornered her, made her feel paranoid and alone, like an animal caught in a trap, being harried by its captors (just like what Kat did to Rebecca Hamilton and so many others).

So, what did Eve do?  She lashed out.  Then, the GR bullies (with their weapons of choice: the GR fora and their blogs) jumped in with another character assassination saying:

Oh, look, everyone!  This author freaked out over a bad review and contacted the police.  How crazy is that?!

We’ve seen this kind of thing happen to so many people.  It happens far too often and we’re getting sick of it.

Furthermore, Kat makes it sound from the GR email above that Eve was warned several times in the past before her account was deleted.  We know for a fact that she wasn’t and that her account being deleted from GR came totally from left field and had everything to do with what went down with Angela and the Asshat group.  It happened at the exact same time and Angela, being as paranoid as she is, was convinced Eve was behind the info leak that led to her conversation being posted in Asshats Will Be Asshats.  The fact is, Eve had NOTHING to do with that, but Angela was convinced it was her.  THIS is why Eve’s account was removed.  (For more information, see our posts Asshats Will Be Asshats and Something Rotten at the Core of GR).  So, you see, there was something very dirty with what went down that week and it wasn’t because of Eve’s behavior.

Now, we haven’t researched into the allegations claiming that Eve published a DV victims’ material in her book without their permission.  For all we know, this could be true or it could be completely fabricated.  In any case, it is irrelevant to what happened to her months ago and what happened to her just recently in May.  As far as the book itself is concerned, we won’t make any comment simply due to lack of knowledge, but we will say that how she was treated was wrong and unjust.  It makes us wonder, when all of this was going down, how come none of these self-righteous people (who think so highly of themselves and their “high morals”, i.e. Kat, Jenny T., etc.) reached out to Eve with love to try and understand why she was melting down?  If these people are really the good, pious people they think they are, how come they didn’t stop to help another human being who was obviously going through a crisis?

We’ll tell you why.  Because they are bullies.  Plain and simple.

Before we begin with our post today, we want to share with you a new development on GR.  Apparently, GR wants to know how customers rate them:

RateGROne of our visitors already filled out the form and had this to say:

I received a GR “survey” today and was happy to tell them my low opinion of their pathetic, anti-writer site.  They’ve done nothing less than create a stalking and trolling playground for sociopaths.  It’s beyond me what the point of all this mass hatred of writers is.  I don’t know if it is fueled by other authors, or just the usual conspiracy of dunces.

Anyway, it’s good to know you guys are here.  I think the best way to influence Goodreads is to stop using their site completely.  Those of us who do well with Amazon may want to see if we can influence things on that side of the great divide.  Beyond that, I think GR is a lost cause.

If any of our readers want to join in and let GR know what you think, just click on this link.  We’ve also posted a link to the survey on our sidebar.

Now, on to business…

In our last post, GR Silences Authors, Part 1, we showed you the story of an author who spoke out against the abuse on GR and was banned for it.  Now we want to show you the whiny feedback discussion started by MrsJoseph, one of the bullies on our BBG list.

As you read, please take note of a couple points.  One, everything these bullies accuse authors of doing (i.e. stalking and harassing, getting their friends to stalk and harass, etc.) is absolutely false.  We never see authors doing this.  But!  We’ve seen on countless occasions the bullies doing it not just to authors, but to anyone who stands against them.  Two, these dumb asses still seem to think the reaction to them is about negative reviews.  It’s not.  It’s about their vicious and ceaseless personal attacks against others.  This is a point they never seem to get.  Finally, we have honestly lost track of how many times we’ve caught the bullies in their pious hypocrisy, not to mention their incessant lying.  In the following discussion from the GR feedback forum, you will see this come out glaringly in their words:



Then Kara responds with this:


We’d like to draw your attention to where she says:

Blog posts on Goodreads that seek to harass or intimidate individual reviewers do violate our Terms of Service and the appropriate action will be taken.

Gosh, that’s funny, Kara, because that’s exactly what Angela did in her blog post here and yet strangely enough, nothing happened to her post or her account.

Oh, but wait!  That’s right!  I forgot.  She’s one of you, isn’t she?  So she can harass anyone she wants and get away with it.  Silly me.  I should have known.

Anyhow, back to the whiners:








Now at this point, we would tell you why all of this whiny bullshit is so hypocritical, but we don’t have to because Annabeth took the words right out of our mouths:


Well said, Annabeth!

And then the whining continues.  Notice how Jim says something very insightful here.  Apparently, he gets it — there’s a reason these bullies end up on troll alert lists.



Oh no!  He said our name!  What are we going to do?  We’re supposed to be the blog that shall not be named!  😀

After this ultimate faux pas by Jim, the bullies truly go crazy.  Guess he really hit a nerve:




STGRB is vile trash?  Why?  Because we tell the truth about you?

You notice the outright lies these people tell when our site is mentioned?  That we do all of this shit that we’ve never done (also referring to Lucy’s phantom phone caller).  This is their usual MO.  They’ve been trying to discredit our site ever since we started.  By this time, their lies have gotten old.

Finally, after the discussion degenerates into an I-hate-STGRB frenzy, Emily ends the conversation because it has become “unproductive”:


And that’s it!

Whiny, whiny, whiny bullies!  They will never grow up.

But in all seriousness, we believe that this is just the beginning to a bigger issue that we see evolving on GR.  That is the growing hatred of authors and the silencing of their voices when they try to speak out against the abuse and injustice that is done to them.

Wow!  Now I think we’ve seen it all… okay well maybe not, but this is pretty crazy.  This just shows to what lengths these people will go.  We were just tipped off to this thread where there is a screenshot of sock-puppets with our names leaving one-stars and derogatory shelving of Dougie Brimson’s book (these socks have since been deleted):


Okay, it’s obvious this isn’t us and Dougie knows that as well, but this just proves that the real sock-puppeteers are the bullies themselves.  Ever wonder why the bullies are so quick to accuse others of sock-puppetry?  It’s the same reason why liars are the first to call other people liars.


More Bully Lies

Just recently we’ve been informed by site visitors of several troll attacks on Amazon.  Athena asked me to let our readers know that we put our team on these privately and helped the authors involved.  We have been reporting the abuse that has been happening on the fora and on book review pages to the Amazon customer care team and luckily they have been responding.  So, that’s good news.  We will not be posting about these attacks in order to protect the authors and their books.  We want to thank those who contacted us to let us know about the attacks.  Well done.

Also just recently, we received this comment on our Who We Are page:


I’d love an email contact for yourselves. We often publish bullying related articles and would like to share them with you from time to time. You may find them helpful, inspirational or wish to share these articles with your readers and followers.

Here is an example of a recent article we have just published:

Kind Regards,

The Healthline Team

Athena contacted them to share some of our blog posts and our email.  They said that they wish to support our cause and occasionally forward helpful articles on the subject.  So, in the future, we will be working with Healthline, sharing their articles and helping them to combat bullying both online and off.

In other news, coming up in the next few weeks, we will be pubbing a confidential post that will be password protected due to its content.  Readers will have to contact Athena via email ( to get access to it.  We understand that this will be a bit of a hassle, but let’s just say that it’s really, REALLY important news and we want to keep it close hold.  For the time being.

Now!  Onto our post, More Bully Lies.  Back in July, we were too busy setting up our blog and reporting on the bullies’ bad behavior that we missed a few misguided articles written by authors who listened to the bullies and drew the wrong conclusions.  One of those articles was written by Terri Guiliano Long.

In this article, the author makes the mistake of assuming that the bullies were telling the truth and that we “out” reviewers by publishing their PII:


This rumor is completely false.  We have never published this kind of information EVER.  You will never see a screenshot of us doing this because it never happened.

Now, here is the second lie presented on this article:


The person who did this was Lucy.  Remember her?  The one that cyber-stalked an author and threatened to publish her PII.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about here, take a look at our post More Bully Reviews.  The simple fact is that Lucy lied.  No one called her.  And as Andrew Losowsky (HuffPo’s books editor) pointed out, when asked if she had contacted the police or if she had the number of the caller, she came up short.  She didn’t have the number and she didn’t contact the police.  There was also no one who could corroborate her story.  Why?  Because her story wasn’t true.

If you scroll down to the bottom of Terri’s post, she links to another article written by John Scalzi that also addresses our website: Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You.

Now, we don’t even have to read Scalzi’s article to know that his premise is totally wrong.  Our site is not about fighting against bad reviews.  So, you got that wrong, John.  In a comment Athena posted on The GR Bully Culture in response to Sophie’s comment, she addresses this misconception about our site:

“Yes, not all indie writing is good, but neither is published work either–a fact which conveniently forgotten by those with poison pens. And many indie books have become literary masterpieces (e.g. Thoreau, Virginnia Wolf). So if you are being bullied, you are in good company!”

Beautiful words, Sophie!  I completely agree with you on the bias against indies in the book community as a whole.  It is unfair and I’m really hoping it will change someday.  I’m not an author but I have a lot of friends who are independent authors who suffer from this bias all the time and many of their books are just as good if not better than traditionally published works.

As for bullying, there are so many people who get confused as to what our site is really about.  We are about fighting against bullying.  Not against negative reviews, not against traditional publishing and not against readers/reviewers.  On our Who We Are page we say:

“The bullies are under the impression that any reaction to them is about critical reviews, using the argument that they have a right to express their opinions.  We are not here to fight against critical reviews.  That is not what our campaign is about.  It is about their bullying behaviour towards others which is becoming increasingly disturbing.  We are here to expose that.”

On our What Is A GR Bully page we also say:

“We do not consider honest, critical reviews of books to be bullying.  However, we do consider attacks on authors and other GR members to be bullying.  We also consider attacking an author’s book for revenge and/or rating and reviewing an author’s book without reading it first to be bullying behavior as well.”

What we are doing with our blog is calling attention to GR members who stalk, harass, and libel not just authors, but other readers as well.  These GR bullies are not just readers, either.  Many of them are authors.  And these bullies ARE the root of the problem.  Since we’ve started our blog, we’ve heard from hundreds of people that it has made a big difference.  A BIG difference.  Before our blog, abuse was rampant on GR.  Now, it’s not as bad.  Many of these people have retreated into private groups where people can’t see what they’re doing or saying, which for us is a good thing.  Much of their nonsense has disappeared from public view.  This is what we wanted.

Soon we will be re-publishing many of the old posts we have of bully attacks on authors.  In these posts, we show our readers how these authors were personally attacked and libeled by these GR members.  This is what we consider bullying.  Not negative reviews.  If you want to see what I mean, take a look at these posts:

I hope what I’ve said here makes sense.  Let me know if you have any questions.

There is a HUGE difference between a bully review and a negative review (otherwise known as bad reviews, or critical or unfavorable reviews).  A negative review focuses on the book and addresses the issues the reader has with the BOOK.  A bully review usually uses profane language and always focuses on the AUTHOR.  See the difference?  Bully reviews are usually written as personal attacks on the author in order to deliberately cause damage to said author and his/her career.

Unfortunately, these bully reviewers don’t stop with just their reviews in their bullying behavior.  And when we talk about their bullying behavior, this is what we mean: cyber stalking, harassing, libeling, hacking into private accounts, personally attacking, threatening (click both here and here), leaving psychotic comments, contacting their charities, contacting their bosses, or people with which they have interviews or auditions.  The bullies have done all of these things.

So, Terri and John, we don’t mind if you want to publish articles that speak out against our blog and what we do with it.  But if you’re going to do that, we’d appreciate it if you’d get your facts straight.  And the facts are all here on our site.  The real facts.  The truth.  Not what the bullies have told you.  All you have to do is click a couple links on our site and take a look at the evidence for yourselves to see that you were and are completely and embarrassingly wrong about us and what we do.

Now, why have these misconceptions been spread around?  What have the bullies told them about us?  Well, all you have to do is take a look at our WOT page and there is a nice little nest of them and their reviews of our site (you’ll recognize a couple):




If anyone would like to go to WOT and set the record straight, feel free.  But it doesn’t really matter.  By this time, everyone knows that these people have been and always will be liars.

Now, what happens on GR, we found, is summed up quite nicely by Jon, a GR member who said:


Now, which GR policy is Jon referring to here?  This one, that they NEVER enforce:


All of this is from a thread called Respect for Authors posted by C.J, another GR member.  If you go to the thread and read it, you’ll see that the bullies did what they do best and jumped in to hijack the thread and tell C.J. what a whiney, little, butthurt, turdbrain he is (I think they used those exact words, too. :))

And to end our post, here’s a nice little form KarlynP (one our most favorite bullies) left for him:


Juvenile?  Why, yes, indeed it is.  Karlyn must be so proud of herself.

Bully Lies

Below is a post we published on December 16, 2012, when a site visitor named Jen caught the bullies in an outright lie.  It was great.


Last post we said we had some screenshots of a site visitor, Jen, who caught the bullies in a lie.  In fact, she didn’t just catch them in one lie.  She caught them in several.  How did she do it?  She’s been monitoring some of the biggest offenders for a while (on and off GR ) and found a link to a blog post by J.A. Souders, author of Renegade and a bully sympathizer.  In the post, J.A. claims that STGRB considers honest criticism of a book to be bullying.  Lie #1.  Jen then proceeded to leave a comment pointing out the error.  Of course, when she did, the trolls swarmed in and attacked.  Then, she caught them in more lies.  Another of our site visitors, Goronwy, found the discussion thread and left this comment before we had a chance to blog about it:

I take it you guys have seen this?
Who owns this site and why do so many big-name bullies feel the need to jump in and comment?

The answer to her question is simple.  We’ve been posting the truth about these people ever since we started our blog and they don’t like their dirty laundry being hung out for everyone to see.  So what do they do?  They try to spread lies.  Here are some screenshots of the conversation:




We’ll stop here for a second.  First of all, all three of these bullies were not put on our list because of what they claim.  They were put there because they either attacked an author or tried to spread lies about an author (which is exactly what they are doing here in these comments.)  So these are yet more lies.  Another lie these bullies try to spread is that certain authors are behind our website.  This is false.  We are not authors.  Also, we have never lied on this site.  If we make a mistake, we correct it, but we’ve never lied and in fact, we frequently provide screenshots and links to show people that what we are saying is true.  Jen points that out here:


And then they continue to spew the same garbage:


A couple points of order (to clear up some of these lies):

1) We’ve always published public information on our site.  That’s not a crime.  When we first started, a couple of our site visitors asked us to take some of the information down, so we did because they requested it.

2) Reading wolf calls the examples we give of bullying on our site “differences of opinion.”  So, you tell us, is libeling an author to ruin his career a difference of opinion (see Zoe Gets Busted)?  Is threatening to publish an author’s personal identifiable information online with malicious intent a difference of opinion (see More Bully Reviews)?  Is misrepresenting an author in a review a difference of opinion (see The Bullying of Simone Elkeles)?  Is chewing out a fourteen-year-old girl and telling her to “fuck off” a difference of opinion (See The BIggest Offenders)?  Is trying to deliberately ruin the career of an author just for fun a difference of opinion (see The Holy Terror)?  These are only a few examples.  There are many, many more.

3) Spy-like tactics?  So, in other words, what she’s saying is that posting public information we read on social networking sites like GR, Facebook, Twitter and then talking about it on our blog is considered spy like tactics.  But when they do it – and they do it all the time – it’s considered just plain blogging and is absolutely normal behavior.  You see the hypocrisy here?  The fact is, as we stated above, they don’t like anyone hanging out their dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Here is more of the conversation, where they try to pimp their pitiful .net site (at least now we know who is behind that site – hint: it’s not just one person, it’s all of them.):

Comment6Comment7Comment8Comment9For the full conversation, click the link above in Goronwy’s comment.  If you do read the full conversation, you will see that Jen’s last comment was deleted.  And replaced with Tor Forge’s comment here, where she closes the conversation:


These bullies have stated that: 1) we consider honest criticism of books bullying, 2) we lie, 3) we are authors, 4) we publish people’s PII (see More Bully Reviews for what PII is) and put people in danger, 5) we use spy-like tactics, 6) we don’t know what bullying is, and finally 7) we are obsessed stalkers (did I miss any?)  All of these things are false.  If you want to know who the bullies, liars, and obsessed stalkers are, take a look at our sidebar.

To give you one last example of who the obsessed stalkers are, we’ll tell you about our recent experiment with our firewall.  Now, we’ve stated that the bullies are not allowed to comment on our comment boards.  We do this for obvious reasons.  If we left the commenting open, they would come in and do what they do best – hijack it and turn it into a wankfest.  To understand what we mean by that, just re-read this post, or better yet, just go to the link Goronwy gives and read the whole conversation.

Case in point.

We don’t want to do what Tor Forge had to and shut down every single conversation.  So… the bullies are not allowed here.  Period.  Because of that, they often try “comment in disguise”, that is, pretend to be sympathetic to what we’re saying and then proceed to start a bunch of shit.  I can spot them from a mile away, but the other moderators can’t.  Just recently, Athena had to ban a visitor because of this very thing and she’s gotten so fed up with them doing this that she asked Stitch to set up a firewall.  He did and now he’s (very cleverly) collecting the bullies’ IP addresses and placing them into the firewall.  So instead of being able to access our site, they get an error message.

Now, Stitch and Athena have been keeping an eye on the firewall stats and boy are they revealing!  First of all, the bullies have been hitting the wall hundreds of times a day and yet our site stats show the same amount of visitors, which disproves their theory that our site traffic comes from them.  Secondly, we’ve seen several IPs hit the wall at an alarming rate.  One hit it 40 times in a matter of a few hours and then another hit it 51 times in one hour.

51 times!!!!

Oh.  My.  God!!!!

Now… who are the obsessed stalkers?

Uh huh.  Yeah.  Thought so.

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