We wanted to let our readers know that Gavin Hetherington just recently contacted us to thank us for setting the record straight regarding the “Gavin the thief” fiasco.  If you all remember, a blog reader left a link on our blog weeks ago about a Gavin Hetherington in the UK, living very near Gavin the author, who stole money from an old woman.  Suspicious that it might be the same Gavin, we stated on our blog that we would do some digging to find out the truth.  After a bit of research, we discovered that Gavin the author and Gavin the thief were two completely different people.  Apparently, Gavin the author hadn’t seen our post on this when we published it. Gavin also apologized for any wrongs he may have done or any hurt he may have caused anyone.  Because of this, we have removed from public view the two posts we published on him, here and here.  We leave them as a record and will only allow viewing upon special request.  We are, however, leaving up our four part series Once Upon a Time in the Land of BookLikes to show what the bullies did to him.  This story we feel is important for illustrating to our readers how quickly the bullies will take a false claim, utterly destroy an author with it, and then blame other people (like us) when they find out they were mistaken. Gavin gave us permission to post his email to us: GavinsEmail Thank you for contacting us, Gavin, and good luck.


An addendum

Below is a screenshot of a comment by KarlynP left on Gavin’s recent BL post explaining that he sent us the above email.  We are posting it to show people how easily the bullies lie and end up believing their own lies much like the time they thought Google had blocked us.  Remember that?


We have one word to describe your comment here, Karlyn: BULLSHIT.  We are calling you on your bullshit.  You need to get your facts straight, sweetheart.  But of course that always seems to be too difficult for you, doesn’t it?  There was no blood on our hands and you know it.  We don’t know who left the link to the article on our blog nor on Shelby’s and we certainly didn’t call Gavin a thief.  Nor did we “make” Shelby accuse him of thievery.  She did that entirely on her own.  What we said was that the two Gavins could be the same person and that we would do some digging to find the truth.  Well, guess what.  We found the truth and we posted it for the sole purpose of clearing Gavin’s name.  Why did we do that?  Because your friend, Shelby, and her minions smeared him throughout the ENTIRE blogosphere.  They were wrong and they owe him an apology.  And we have yet to see that apology given.

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