In our previous post, we showed you an example of what not to do as an author.  It was an incident that happened back in 2011 and as a result, the particular author involved experienced an incredibly harsh backlash from it.  A backlash that should have never happened.  This was around the same time the BBA culture began to evolve that consisted of self-appointed “author police” who take it upon themselves to “punish” authors for their so called “bad behavior”.  As we have shown on our blog time and again, these people are nothing more than internet thugs and cyber bullies who delight in hurting other people for some ridiculous rule or standard they’ve created, to which they have decided to hold the entire world accountable… well, except for them and their friends.

And we’re not talking about the generally accepted rule that an author should never get into a reviewer’s face about legitimate, negative reviews of the author’s books.  We’re talking about all the absolutely ridiculous rules these self-appointed “author police” have made up since the BBA culture began, like:

  • Authors cannot talk to reviewers ever.
  • Authors are not allowed to have an opinion of any review of any book.
  • Authors are not allowed to voice their opinion about anything.
  • Authors are not allowed to call out bullying when they see it.

These rules and many others like them are absurd.  Authors ARE NOT second class citizens.  They have a right to have an opinion and they have a right to voice that opinion.

Also, what we’ve noticed is that the case we presented in our previous post is very rare.  It is on a rare occasion where we see an author go into a reviewer’s space and harass them for a bad review.  What is far more common these days are bully attacks on authors who’ve either spoken out about the bullies and their behavior, like this:


Or when they speak out about something else, like a review of another author’s book or a topic about which they feel strongly… like Todd Barselow’s anonymity petition to Amazon.  You all remember when Todd started his petition back in February and March of this year, right?

Well, what we want to show you today is a list that one of the top Amazon Fora Trolls, Anna Karenina, created and posted in the Amazon fora, displaying the names of authors that signed Todd’s petition.  We’re not going to display the list here.  If you want to read it, you can click on the link.


Yep, you read that right!  Anna actually hunted down the names of these authors and listed them publicly.  AND she put links to their Amazon profiles in a direct attempt to cause damage to these authors.  She did it deliberately with malicious intent.  She knew what would happen.  She knew that by listing them they would automatically become targets, which they did.

And why?  Was it because they harassed reviewers about bad reviews of their books?  No.  It was because they SIGNED TODD’S PETITION.  Yep, that’s right.  All they did was sign a petition.  That’s it.

So, we decided to do a little research.  We went down the list and checked out the books on GR by the authors listed to find the damages done to them during the time that Todd’s petition was circulating in the media and AK’s list was created.  What we found was A LOT of carpet bombs and A LOT of sock puppet carpet bomber accounts, several of which were created during that time period (that we will feature on our blog shortly).

Below, we share a few screenshots we took.  You will notice there is one troll who’s been on our BBG list for a long time, who pops up on almost every author.

The following are a few from one of the top author’s books:









Here are more from another author’s books:







And another:




And another:




And another:



We could continue, but we don’t want to bore you with screenshots.  We think you get the point.  The Amazon Fora Trolls are out to harm any author who tries to have an opinion and a voice, even if they are just signing a petition.

Shame on you Anna K.

To let our readers know, if there are any authors who have a grievance against this woman for harm she has caused and would like to serve her court papers, we know who she is and where she can be found.  If you are currently pursuing this, contact us privately and we can give you that information.

In our next few posts, we will show you more examples of the AFT harming authors.

So stay tuned.

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