Good news, everyone!  Just recently, there has been a bright light gleaming from within the darkness of the Amazon jungle.  Within the last month or so, literary superstar Anne Rice has taken to the Amazon fora to post positive and helpful advice for all authors everywhere — old and young, new and experienced, traditional and indie.  Back in December, she started this Amazon thread where she shares her knowledge and experience on editing and proofreading: For us authors: on copy editing, proofreading, what I know, what I can share:


Note her Warning to Authors at the bottom.  Unfortunately, like everyone else who has braved the discussion threads of Amazon, Anne too has noticed the hostility and general contempt that the AFT (Amazon Fora Trolls) have for authors.  In fact, we published some of her comments on this topic in our post, Words of Wisdom From Anne Rice.

So… do you think she got attacked for her warning?  You bet.

Has she stopped posting and offering her advice to authors?  Nope.

In fact, she has responded to the trolls with such sophistication and eloquence, it seems they don’t really know how to respond to her.  She’s too smart and trolls tend to be … well … not so smart.  :)

What’s great about Anne is that she has no reason to be afraid of posting in the fora and saying exactly what she thinks.  Like Dougie Brimson, she is a superstar and already has a huge fanbase with which she communicates on a daily basis.

All the same, though, we find it incredibly sad that when a literary icon like her offers to engage positively with others online, the trolls immediately move in and try to pull her down.

And this is exactly why we call them trolls.  This is what they do.

Yet despite their attempts to drag her down into the mud, she rises above it and continues to help those seeking her advice and in general, her thoughts on various subjects.  In this post, we will show you some of those thoughts, such as her thoughts on editing and proofreading:




Why she started the thread:


Her thoughts on indie publishing:



On print on demand:


On NY publishing:



On audiobooks:


On B&N:



Her solution for poorly edited books (instead of leaving scathing, one-star reviews):


Her advice for authors:


And finally, her attitude toward keeping the Amazon threads positive and productive:




As we here at STGRB are all fanboys and fangirls of Anne, we happily applaud her offering to share her expertise and knowledge.  We encourage all authors to contact her either on her Amazon thread, or through her Facebook page where she interacts with both readers and writers:


She also has a public email address for those who wish to talk with her privately.

Thank you, Anne, for all you have done to make authors’ online experience better.  You are one cool lady.

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