In response to the tragic death of Australian celebrity, Charlotte Dawson, friends of the celebrity have created a petition called Charlotte’s Law — Tougher Cyber Bully Legislation that calls on the Australian government to pass tougher laws that will crack down on cyber bullying:





We extend our sympathies to anyone who suffers from depression the way Charlotte did.  For those in Australia, there is help.  From the article, we screen grabbed information about a suicide prevention hotline:


For Americans, you will want to go here:


If any of our readers have information for hotlines in other countries, please feel free to leave that information in the comments section of this post.

Before we go, we’d like to share this fantastic article Jaq D. Hawkins wrote on this issue of depression and cyber bullying called Who Do You Want to Be?.

We’d like to end with an image we found that best describes STGRB’s stance on how to deal with trolls and bullies online:


As one of our blog readers put it:

Walk away. Don’t feed the troll. Don’t interact. Don’t let them infect you with their disease.

Don’t let their hatred into your hearts.  Walk away and report them.  If we all work together to put pressure on governments and online social media companies, we may just see a change for the better.

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