We are very sad to report that Charlotte Dawson, a victim of online Twitter bullying has passed away.  In an article in the Eastern Tribune, it says:


In another article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Twitter came under fire for not taking necessary measures to eradicate bullying on their site:




They are right to criticize Twitter for not signing up to the federal governement’s complaint handling scheme.  We feel that this requirement should extend not only to Twitter, but also to Goodreads, Amazon, and any other online social networking site where trolls and bullies roam free.  We feel that our government needs to start taking more action against the people who bully others online for the sheer pleasure of it (see New Study on Trolling).

And if you don’t believe that there is bullying of this magnitude on Goodreads and Amazon, just take a look at our posts on the Amazon Fora Trolls or our post covering the attack on Lauren P.  Or better yet, just read the screenshots below that we took from GR.

In this one, a reviewer tells Jamie McGuire to “kindly kill” herself:


And in this one, a GR member says that the “only good author is a dead author”:


Online bullying is real and it affects thousands of people everyday, whether they’re authors, celebrities, or kids in school.  It needs to be stopped.

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