We’re excited to announce that we have good news in this post, so keep reading!  First, Anne Rice just recently came across our post Anne Rice Owns the Bullies and made mention of it on her Facebook page:


Athena had already been communicating with Anne via email and meant to tell her about it:


We are honored that Anne was pleased with it and hope that she continues to give new authors her advice and support.  She is a true superstar!

Now, moving on to other news.  In our last GR Bully Meltdown, we said:

Well, it looks like we’re seeing another GR bully meltdown.  Ever since Angela was kicked off Goodreads, she’s really gone off the deep end.  All you have to do is check her blog.  Scary stuff.  Not only that, Miranda, her partner in crime, has been going crazy on Twitter, stalking and attacking anyone who falls within her radar.  And finally, CoaxialCreatureAllHailGrimlock has been booted out of the BBA group by the “monsters” who reside there.

So… does this remind you of something?  Hmm, maybe the snake fight we all saw between Kat and Ridley back in the day that led to The GR Bully Meltdown, Part 1 and 2?  Or how about the falling out between Jane and Ridley?

And now, it’s happening again.

As we said before, you put a slither of snakes into a pit together and eventually they begin to eat one another.  Quite entertaining for those of you who’ve been abused by them, is it not?

We’re hoping to see more meltdowns coming up this year so that by New Years, we’ll really have something to celebrate!  😀

We got our wish.  To everyone’s great relief, the GR bully network is continuing to crumble into nonexistence.  Since August of 2013 we’ve seen several more GR bullies get the boot from GR: Angela L. , Miranda and Grim, Alethea and Amanda, and finally Derrick the bully who started the attack on Lauren P. that led to her receiving rape and death threats.  Another bit of good news is that GR started to clean up its book pages to rid them of all the nasty shelving left by the trolls.

So what are we cheering about today?  Well, judging by this GR thread, it appears as if Angela and Miranda, two GR bully exiles who were banned from GR for their behavior, kicked Linda H., Tina, and Grim out of a BBA Booklikes group (or something, it’s a long story) and it created one hell of a ruckus.  It appears to be a very complicated story.  If you wish, you can go to the thread and read to your heart’s content, or you can take a look at some choice screenshots we decided to capture:














Although all of this may be rather entertaining for our readers, what caught our eye the most were Nenia’s comments:




Now remember, this is Nenia.  The queen of the GR BBA group before it was removed from the site.  She was notorious for bashing authors and starting hate campaigns against them which almost always turned into full-force attacks.  Now, to remind you of her reaction to GR’s anti-bullying policy when it was announced:





Major attitude change, huh?  This is the kind of thing we are glad to see.  To witness the trolls actually learning that their hatred and bitterness against others really gets them nowhere in the end.  To see them do a complete 180 and move away from their inner black beast is a very healthy sign.  We just hope this kind of shift continues.  When it does, we will be right here reporting on it.

In the end, all of this is good news for both authors and readers on Goodreads, and hopefully someday Amazon.  Stay tuned.

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