We’ve learned from one of our blog readers about an attack on an author (Judy Byington) and her book (Twenty-Two Faces) about a satanic cult survivor who suffered from multiple personality disorder.  This attack was so awful, an entire Youtube video was made by a reviewer who posted a review of the book and was harassed of off Amazon.  The video says it all:

Here is the overview of Judy and her book on Dr. Phil:

We would never have known about this if it wasn’t for a comment by Karmakaze that one of our blog readers noticed on the Amazon fora:


Here is Karmakaze’s review of the book:



Followed by Judy Byington’s comment below it:


Frankly, we are stunned by severity of this attack.  This is the biggest Amazon troll attack on an author and her book that we have ever seen.

This is the kind of shit on Amazon that needs to stop!

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